23GHz Microwave Radio System

Series 1100 LAN Radio System Offers 10/20 Mbps Wireless Switching/Bridging

DirectWireless 1100 LAN

23GHz Microwave Radio.

outhwest Microwave's newest radio is a high performance, high bandwidth, point to point radio system incorporating a 10/100 Ethernet Bridge/Switch controller at each radio to optimize wireless connectivity.

The Bridge/Switch controller interface allows our new radios to operate at a continuous lOMbps or full duplex mode at 2OMbps. The high performance switch engine allows for wire-speed filtering and forwarding of traffic.

The 1100 is designed for easy deployment, installation and alignment without the need for special tools or equipment. A true plug and play radio which includes integrated 9" parabolic antennas, optional lightning protection modules and our indoor MSi 200 Series interface to your network with an auto-negotiation RJ-45 port. The interface unit also provides power to the radio with an integral power supply.

Multiplexed T1/E1 access is also available for telephony and multimedia applications with our MSi 220 series.

All Southwest Microwave radios are tuned to a specific frequency to ensure interference free operation and provide a reliable communications link. Frequency and FCC license are easily obtainable. No customer adjustments are required.

1100 Features:

  • Transparent Wireless Switching/Bridging
  • 10/100 UTP, RJ-45, Ethernet Network Interface, Half or Full Duplex, Auto-Negotiation
  • High Data Throughput 2OMbps (lOMbps, 1/2 Duplex)
  • Optional Fiber Optic Interface
  • True Plug & Play Operability, Nothing to Adjust
  • EMI/RFI Protection
  • Multiplexed T1/E1 Channel Optional
  • Licensed Operation Ensures Interference Free Operation

System Components
(2) 875 Radios
(2) MSi 200 switched interfaces
(2) Radio mounting brackets

Frequency Range 21.2 GHz - 23.6 GHz
Input Voltage 11 - 24 VDC Range
Modulation FM
Duplex Full Duplex
T/R Separation 1.2 GHz (Adjustable to any CCIR Rec. 637 plan)
System Gain 143 dB
Power Consumption 35 W
Size 10.6 in. dia X 11.5 in. depth
Weight 7 lbs. (3.2 kg)
Mounting Bracket attachment to 2.5 in. dia. pole
Emission Designator 24M0F1D
FCC Identifier CA6875
Power Output 18 dBm (Typical)
Frequency Stability +/-.03 %
Type Gunn Diode Oscillator
Sensitivity (lE-6 BER) -65 dBm
Type Single Conversion with AFC
Noise Figure 12 dB
IF Frequency 140 MHz
Polarization Vertical or Horizontal
Size 9 in. (22.86 cm)
Gain 30 dBi
Beamwidth 3.8 degrees (3 dB)
Operating Temperature -30C to +55C
Storage Temperature -40C to +65C
Relative Humidity Up to 100%
Wind Loading Withstand 125 mph wind
Status and Alarms
  • Power
  • Link Integrity
  • Align
  • Radio TX and RX
  • Collision
  • Automatic Frequency Lock
  • Remote Align
  • Test Tone

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