Telebyte Fiber modem

Model 278 - RS-232  Fiber Optic Modem


  • Full Duplex + 2 Control Signals
  • Meets Internet SLIP/PPP Protocols
  • Data Rates to 115.2 KBPS
  • 10 LED Indicators
  • Remote Test Built-In
  • Passes Two Out-of-Band Flow Control Signals
  • Fiber Provides Isolation and Surge Protection


Product Description

The Model 278 Fiber Optic Short Haul Modem provides an enhanced digital solution for connectivity between a workstation and a server running a campus internet link. These links utilize SLIP/PPP protocols that require two out-of-band signals. One of these signals must be at least one eighth of the data rate, RTS/CTS whereas the second can be slower, DTR/DCD/DSR. This capability coupled with fiber optic link support produce a device that is immune to noise, surges, lightning, RFI and ground loops. The Model 278 passes data, full duplex, at rates from 0 to 115.2 KBPS. The RTS/CTS and DTR/DCD/DSR bidirectional control signals are transferred in one byte time, or at rate of 14.4 KBPS. This performance provides ample reserve to meet current Internet SLIP/PPP protocols and improvements as they are made. Indicators are provided for TD, RD, RTS, CTS, DTR, DCD, Line Error, Fiber Signal Valid and Remote Test.

Model Description Product Info
278 RS-232 to Fiber Optic Short Haul Modem

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278-220 RS-232 to Fiber Optic Short Haul Modem - 220 Volts Same as above except for 220VAC


this product has been discontinued please see
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