4-8 T1 Fiber - Extender-
Modem - Converters

4 to 8 to 16 T1-Fiber Mux FOM Family
DCEAFMUX01A - - - E1/T1 Fiber Optical Multiplexer

view single port T1 fiber Extender, Converters modem

  • 1U, 19 (23) 4 slot chassis
  • Alarm relay contacts provided which can offer major and minor
    alarms with audible and visible alarm output
  • Auto Laser Shutdown (ALS) to prevent hazardous laser radiation
    to personnel
  • Channel Capacity : 4,8,12 or 16 channels
  • Configuration data is automatically stored into flash to avoid any
    loss caused by power disruption.
  • End to end propagation delay < 2 sec
    Management : Local side is managed via Keypad or Terminal.
  • Remote side is managed in-band via keypad or Terminal.
  • Telnet & SNMP local/remote management with optional SNMP
    Real Time Clock (RTC) run by backup battery to avoid time setting loss caused by power disruption
  • Redundant Fiber 1+1 Protection, the switching time is less than
    50 m sec
  • Supports embedded optical BERT
  • Supports fiber, E1/ T1/ datacom Local and Remote Loop-Back.
  • Supports hot-swapping of a optical module
  • TFTP upgradeable (for SNMP option)


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The DCEAFMUX01A fiber optic multiplexer can be equipped with one or two fiber optic modules, either the redundancy fiber operation is required or not. Optical modules are available in a large selection of operating distances, from 2Km range for multimode fiber optic connections up to 120Km distance for 1550nm singlemode fiber optic link.

The DCEAFMUX01A optical modules are also available in WDM type, for single strand fiber optic connections, for distances up to 60Km.

All fiber optic modules come with SC type optical connector, although ST, FC, LC and MTRJ connector types are available on demand. In order to have a functional FMUX01A equipment at least one optical module must be ordered together with each FMUX01A chassis.

Module Part Numbers
T1 and E1 interface cards

DCEAFMUX01A-E1/RJ45 4 x G.703 E1 RJ-45
DCEAFMUX01A-T1RJ45 4 x G.703 T1 RJ-45
DCEAFMUX01A-E1/ Wire-Wrap 4 x G.703 wire-wrap


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