Adtran ACE T1 CSU

Adtran T1 CSU ACE


Adtran T1 CSU ACE - new part # 1203022L1 -
old # 1202022L1 and 1200022L2
Adtran T1 ESF CSU ACE  - 203025L1
T1 ESF CSU ACE (4th Gen)  - 1204025L1
Adtran T1 ESF CSU ACE (RM)  1202066L1

The ADTRAN T1 CSU ACE is a compact, full-featured T1 channel service unit used to connect T1 data terminal equipment (DTE) and T1 facilities. The unit is designed to provide alarms, loopbacks, signal regeneration, line build out, and surge protection, as well as maintain 1s density for the DTE and T1 network.

The compact T1 CSU Adtran ACE is suitable for wall-mounting or desktop use. Four LEDs on the front of the unit (POWER, LOOPBACK, EQUIPMENT LOS and NETWORK LOS) display the status of the unit. Above the LEDs, five small switches provide settings for customer premises equipment and network line build-out (LBO) distances. A small switch located on the unit's faceplate enables manual loopback operation. The three switches allotted for the equipment LBO offer five combination settings for PBX termination at distances up to 655 feet. The two network LBO switches provide four combination settings from 0 to 22.5 dbs in 7.5 increments.

The compact T1 Adtran CSU ACE provides three bantam jacks which are available for testing purposes. Two connections provide interruptive transmit and receive access toward the T1 network or the DTE device. The third is a non-interruptive connection for monitoring data flowing in either direction. Two RJ-48C modular jacks provide the network and DTE connections. The -48 VDC power pack is included with the unit and plugs into a wall-mounted socket. The T1 CSU ACE also supports a customer-supplied -48 VDC power source.

For additional T1 applications, ADTRAN provides several versions of the T1 Adtran ACE CSU which offer various features and mounting options. ADTRAN T1 CSU products also include the T1 ESF CSU ACE and the rack-mounted T1 ESF Smart 16 Card.



Product Specifications

Network Interface

Line Rate

  • T1/FT1 (1.544 Mbps)

Physical Interface

  • RJ-48C: 8-pin modular


  • AT&T TR62411
  • ANSI T1.401


  • SF/ESF

Line Code

  • AMI/B8ZS

ESF Format

  • Transparent

Input Signal

  • 0 to -36dB

Transmission Type

  • Regenerative transparent toward network and toward DTE

Equipment Interface


  • ANSI T1.102

Receiver Performance

  • Automatic Line Build-out for 0-655 ft

Keep Alive Signal

  • Unframed all 1s on loss of signal from DTE

User Options


  • Desktop or wall-mount bantam jacks
  • Accessible on side of unit
  • Test signal access points toward network and toward DTE
  • Non-interrupt signal receive monitor for network and DTE

LED Indicators

  • Power
  • Network Loss of Signal
  • Equipment Loss of Signal
  • Loopback

Option Switches

  • Line Build-out (0, 7.5, 15, 22.5dB)
  • DSX-1 Line Build-out (0 to 655 ft)


  • FCC part 15, Class A
  • FCC Part 68
  • Industry Canada CS03
  • UL 1459
  • CUL


Operating Temperature

  • 0 to 50C, (32 to 122F)

Storage Temperature

  • -20 to 70C, (-4 to 158F)

Relative Humidity

  • Up to 95%, non-condensing



  • 1.35" H x 3.75" D x 6.25" W


  • 10 oz


  • -42 to -56 VDC
  • Line powering from carrier

Product Includes

  • RJ-45 cable and user manual

Ordering Information



ADTRAN supplies a complete line of high-performance equipment for corporate end-users of digital telecommunications services. In addition to these innovative access products, ADTRAN also supplies installation and maintenance services as well as a family of network management products that simplify the process of installing and operating a reliable network. ADTRAN's comprehensive T1 product family includes more than 50 products, including single-port and multiport DSU/CSUs, CSUs, multiplexers, and a D4-compatible channel bank. Application specific, plug-in modules can be combined in various ways to meet specific customer needs, making the TI/FT1 product line flexible and practical. ADTRAN also offers a complete line of SNMP-capable T1 units and single-port T1 service units.

 Adtran  ACE  T1 CSU

  • Interface T1 DTE equipment to telco-provided or private T1 facility

  • PBX and transceiver connectivity
  • Transparently passes line coding formats
  • Jitter tolerance in compliance with ANSI T1.403 and AT&T TR 62411
  • Surge protection, loopback testing, alarms and 1s density
  • Test access jacks
  • Type 400 circuit pack available
Adtran  ACE T1 CSU - new part #

(old numbers)
Adtran  T1 CSU CP (Type 400 Circuit Pack) 1210018L1

For a data sheet click here.


  • Same features as T1 CSU ACE
  • Configurable to switch ESF/SF line coding formats
  • Smart 16/16e rackmount version available
  • Front panel keypad and LCD screen

Adtran T1 ESF CSUs

T1 ESF CSU ACE 1203025L1
T1 ESF CSU (RM) 1202066L1
T1 ESF CSU ACE (4th Gen) 1204025L1
T1  T1 CSU T1 CSU ACE 1202022L1
old number
T1 Channel Service Unit used for interfacing CPE equipment to a T1 line. Powered by 12 to 48 VDC. AC to 12 VDC wall plug included w/ unit. Unit is transparent to ESF and B8ZS. New housing with LEDS on front of unit and interfaces on rear of unit.
T1  T1 CSU T1 CSU ACE Spare Power Supply 1902022L1 12 VDC wall plug power supply.  Converts 120 VAC, 60 Hz power to 12 VDC for T1 CSU ACE (1202022L1).
T1  T1 CSU T1 ESF CSU ACE 1203025L1 T1 ESF CSU used for interfacing CPE equipment to T1 line.  Also provides SF to ESF conversion.  Support for T-Watch and updated menu structure.
T1  T1 CSU T1 ESF CSU ACE Rackmount 1202066L1 Rackmount version of ESF CSU ACE compatible with Smart 16 /16e shelves. Used to interface CPE equipment to T1 line.  Provides SF to ESF conversion with full ESF performance information.
T1  T1 CSU T1 CSU Circuit Pack 1210018L1 Type 400 T1 Channel Service Unit Circuit Pack, used for interfacing CPE equipment to a T1 line. Compatible with T400 shelves (1150092L1).    Powered by -48 VDC.
NT1 ACE 1203019L1 NDNTAAT1AA BRI Network Termination Unit
NT1 ACE3 1200236L1 NDMMLMJ1RA BRI Network Termination Unit
NT1 ACE4 1200242L1 NDMMLPJ1RA BRI Network Termination Unit

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