Cellular Data Link CDL 900 Cell Modem

Cellular Wireless Access Solution.

cellular modem access solution 
(looks and feels like a standard RS 232 AT command compatible modem
AC or DC power
, -30 to +75C temperature rating option

This low cost combination of a modem & Cell phone is ideal for those
" remote" sites where a copper phone line is impossible.

With the cost of cellular service declining a cell modem makes sense for  more and more remote site applications .

The CDL-900 is designed around the Radio CRM 4100 from Standard Communications. Once interfaced with the 4100, to the user, the entire unit looks like a standard RS 232 AT command compatible modem. This allows compatibility with popular software packages.

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Sample Application Areas


Your package includes:

What you need to provide:


Contact your cellular service provider and register the unit. To register the unit and get service, you will need to provide the cellular operator the ESN number (this is on the label at the top) and also tell them that the unit is class 3 unit (power 600 mw).

The cellular operator will, in turn, provide you:

    1. MIN (Mobile Number) Number:
    2. System preference: A or B
    3. SID (System ID):

It is recommended that MIN number be entered in label on the unit.

First Time Quick Start

 (The CM900 is configured as a DCE (e.g. modem). It talks to a PC through the RS 232 cable.)

1)       Connect the power supply. The Power LED should be on. Connect the RS 232 cable provided. Connect the Antenna. The unit is ready for operation.

2)      Configure the serial port to 9600 bps, 8N1 and Hardware Handshaking.

3)      Allow 10 seconds for calibration.

4)       Enter AT+TEST<CR>. The unit will respond OK.

5)      Enter AT+MIN=< the MIN allocated><enter> The unit will respond OK.

6)      Enter AT+SID=< the SID allocated><enter> The unit will respond OK

7)     Enter AT+SYS=00 <CR> (for system B only)

          =01 <CR> (for system A only)

          =02 <CR> (SID will determine preferred system, but roaming charge may apply.
                               This is also called normal mode)

8) Enter AT+MODE=02<CR> The unit is now set for data mode.

9) Enter AT+SER? <CR> The unit should respond with SERVICE AVAILABLE.

Please note that radio does NOT have to configured every-time. The above information is stored in the Radio’s non-volatile memory.


The CM900 (hereafter referred to as modem) is always in one of the two states: the command state or the on-line state. The modem assumes the Command State when power is applied. This state allows the modem to be configured for the particular application. In the Command State, all inputs from the PC are treated as commands. The modem may be set to the on-line state in which all inputs form the PC are treated as data to be shipped over the airwaves and all inputs from the airwaves is treated as received data from the remote end.

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Base Station Omni Antenna
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(prices are for antenna only)

OD4-900 4db gain $105.00
OD5-900 5db gain $195.00
OD6-900 6db gain $245.00

Base Station Yagi Antenna
jump to cellular Yagi high gain antenna PDF file - (prices are for antenna only)

YAG6-900 T or N  6db gain $75.00
YAG9-900 T or N  9db gain $75.00

We have many more configurations available


Magnetic mount antenna

B8065 5 bd gain antenna

radiation pattern - 
more power lower to the horizon 

magnetic mount base

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