Industrial Grade Dial Up Modem

High Speed 56Kb and V34 and down to 300Bps 103
AC and DC power options



Worldwide Operation Support:
- ITU-TV.92/V.34/V.32bis/V.32
- V.22bis/V.22/V.23/V.23/V.21
- Bell 212A/Bell 103
- V29 FastPOS (for point of sale apps)
- V.22bis fast connect

Data Compression: - V.44/V.42bis/MNP 2

Error Correction: - V.42/MNP 2/MNP 4

-DTE/ Host Interface EIA RS-232 and RS-485
Embedded AT command set Sixty-three embedded and upgradeable country profiles for
worldwide homologation

NVRAM for configuration and country profile storage

Built-in remote diagnostics and configuration management

Heavy-duty surge protection provided at power supply and phone line interface

Supports wide range of AC & DC power supply options

Supports DC power supplied from DTE or DB-9 connector

Wide range of operating temperatures

Optional mounting kits for DIN Rail mounting or wall mount

Standalone and Rack Mount

Rack card Modems mount
in the UDS RM16M chassis for use with other older
UDS Codex modems

both standalone &
Rack Mount cards

  The DCE ASM-9256D - ASM-9234D and ASM9232D high-speed dial-line modems are designed and manufactured for rugged industrial applications over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The ASM-9256D and ASM-9234D utilize industry’s latest V.92 and V.34 modem delivers outstanding features, performance, and reliability in one cost-effective solution

These modems incorporate the latest data-compression and error-correction standards for improved data reception over marginal
and poor-quality telephone lines. Multiple levels of security with password
verification and security call back keep your valuable data secure from intruders.

The ASM-9256D/9234D/9223D modems are powered by a wide range of AC and DC power supply voltages. Its low power consumption and low stand-by current technology design makes the ASM9234D/9223D ideal for battery-powered system as well as regular AC powered operations.


ASM9232D:     Max. line speed is 14,400 bps.  V.32bis/V.32/V22bis…. Bell 212A/Bell 103.

ASM9234D:     Max. line speed is 33,600 bps.  V.34/V.32bis/V.32/V22bis…. Bell 212A/Bell 103.

ASM9256D:     Max. line speed is 56,000 bps.  V.92/V.90/V.34 V.32bis/V.3/V22bis…. Bell 212A/Bell 103.

Part Numbers

ASM9256D: V92/56K/V34/V32bis/V32/V22bis
Stand-alone with AC power module, 90-264 VAC or 100-400 VDC

ASM9256D-DC: V92/56K/V34/V32bis/V32/V22bis
Stand-alone, DC power, 10-48 VDC

ASM9256D-RM Rack Mount Card

ASM9234D: V34/V32bis/V32/V22bis
Stand-alone with AC power module, 90-264 VAC or 100-400 VDC

ASM9234D-DC: V34/V32bis/V32/V22bis
Stand-alone, DC power, 10-48 VDC

ASM9232D: V32bis/V32/V22bis
Stand-alone with AC power module,
90-264 VAC or 100-400 VDC

ASM9232D-DC: V32bis/V32/V22bis
Stand-alone, DC power, 10-48 VDC

ASM9234D-RM Rack Mount Card

301-924-7400 EXT 25

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