AT Commands for 14.4 L

use this set up string to set the modem into the 4 wire lease line set mode

Setup Sequence  
AT&F (enter)  
Power modem off and back on.  
AT\S1 (enter)  
For the remote modem, use this string.  
You can copy this command to an AT.txt file  
Then go to the DOS prompt and copy the file to the appropriate comm port
    The MIU14.4L will be lock out of the command mode if it is in the lease line mode.
    The user will need to power-reset the MIU, wait for 5 - 10 seconds for the MIU to
    complete the power - on Reset Tests, before entering the AT&F command again

  AT Commands for 14.4 L      
To enter AT Commands, Apply power, immediately type AT\H0      
Factory Default User LL Mode  
Profile 0 Definition      
B1 Select Bell 212A at 1200      
E1 Echo On E0 Echo Off  
M1 Speaker On at Handshake      
N1 Automode Detection ON      
Q0 Result Codes Allowed Q1 Codes Off  
T Force DTMF Dialing      
V1 Result Codes Verbose      
W0 Report DCE speed in EC mode      
X4 Report all Result Codes & Connection Rate      
Y0 Long Space Disconnect Disabled      
&C1 Allow RLSD to follow Carrier &C0* Carrier ON
&D2 Interpret DTR On to Off per &Qn. Hangs Up &D0  Ignor DTR
&G0 Disable Guard tone      
&J0 Set S Register response for compatibility      
&K3 Enable RTS CTS hardware flow control &K3    
&Q5 Modem negociates an error corrected link      
&R1 CTS always active      
&S0 DSR always active      
&T5 Disallow Remote Digital Loopback      
&X0 Select Internal timing for transmit clock      
&Y0 Recall Stored Profile ) on power up      
S00:001 Auto Answer ON, 1 ring      
\M0 Local Modem \M1 Remote  
\N0 Normal Speed Buffered Mode \N1 Direct Mode
\H1 Leased Line Mode      
\H0 Command Mode (Only For Configuration)      
&W Save      
  \S1 Dumb Mode
  \S0 Dumb Mode Off
&D0 Interpret DTR ON to OFF per &Q0,&Q5,&Q6   Modem Ignors DTR
Interpret DTR ON to OFF per &Q1, &Q2, &Q3 &Q4   Modem Hangs Up
&D1 Interpret DTR ON to OFF per &Q0,&Q1,&Q4&Q5,&Q6   Async Escape
Interpret DTR ON to OFF per &Q2,&Q3   Modem Hangs Up
&D2 Interpret DTR ON to OFF per &Q0 thru &Q6   Modem Hangs Up
&D3 Interpret DTR ON to OFF per &Q0,&Q1,&Q4&Q5,&Q6   Modem performs 
    soft reset  
Interpret DTR ON to OFF per &Q2,&Q   Modem Hangs Up
&Q0 Select direct asynchronous mode      
&Q1 Select sync connect with async command mode      
&Q2 Same as &Q1, enable DTR Dialing of directory zero      
&Q3 Select Sync , async command mode, DTR enabled as talk / data sw      
&Q4 Select Hayes Auto sync mode      
&Q5 Modem negociates error corrected link      
&Q6 Select async operation in normal mode      



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