Adtran T3 

ATLAS is a family of modular, highly scalable integrated access systems that has far-reaching application in today's advanced telecommunications environments. The systems support voice, data and video applications at up to T3 rates over dedicated and switched networks. The chassis includes expansion slots and a variety of option modules, making ATLAS a versatile solution to many of today's wide area networking challenges.

Enterprise Integrated Access Devices

The ATLAS Series


ADTRAN also offers the TSU 600e and TSU 120e for smaller capacity integrated access and the Total Access 750 for network service providers.

  • ATLAS 800/800PLUS
    This enterprise system supports voice, data, video, and Internet applications using up to 34 network interfaces over multiple T1s or T3 through dedicated and switched networks.

  • ATLAS 810
    This integrated access device offers the same functionality as the ATLAS 800/800PLUS in a NEBS Level 3 compliant chassis.

  • ATLAS 550
    This multi-T1 platform converges voice, data, video, and Internet traffic and offers call routing and Lifeline POTS over TDM, Frame Relay, or a hybrid simultaneous mixture of up to four network interfaces.


ATLAS Applications Include:

  • T1/T3 Bandwidth Manager
  • Frame Relay Solution
  • ISDN Switch
  • Remote Access Concentration
  • 3/1/0 Digital Access Cross-Connect System (DACS)
  • T1-to-PRI Conversion
  • Intelligent Voice Switching
  • Frame Relay dial backup solutions
  • IP Routing
  • Voice over Frame Relay


  • Single platform consolidates voice, data, Internet, and video applications
  • Reduces telecommunications costs
  • Optimizes wide area bandwidth
  • Scalable architecture
  • Mix-and-match applications
  • Flexible option modules
  • Efficient and economical upgrades
  • Accommodates growth and change
  • Protects against obsolescence
  • Provides disaster recovery, dial backup for Frame Relay or dedicated circuits

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