Black Box Fiber Optic Modem

Black Box ME570A-FST, ME570A-MST, ME570C-ST fiber modems

Black Box Asynchronous  Synchronous  Fiber Optic Modem

ME570A-FST, ME570A-MST, ME570C-ST 

by Patton Electronics  

  • Speeds up to 38.4 kbps

  • Distances up to 4 miles

  • (6.4 km).

  • V.54 loopback and

  • V.52 BERT pattern

  • generator.

  • Async or sync over

  • fiber optic.

  • Immune to EMI/RFI,

  • ground loops, and

  • surges.

  • Easily accessible

  • diagnostic and

  • configuration

  • switches.

  • Interface powered.

Key Features
for the

ME570A-FST, ME570A-MST, ME570C-ST 

1140AF-ST 1140AF-STBB ME570A-FST Async/Sync Fiber Optic Modem ME1570A-FST
1140AM-ST 1140AM-STBB ME570A-MST Async/Sync Fiber Optic Modem ME1570A-MFST
1140ARC-ST 1140ARC-STBB ME570C-ST Async/Sync FO Card (ST)