Codex Motorola Modulus 9 - 21 rack

The Motorola ModulusŪ Series is a family of communications enclosures that offer a flexible approach to networking for your business applications. The Modulus 9 and Modulus 21 enclosures house a broad range of Motorola products providing customers with the combination of high density and configuration and migration flexibility. The Modulus 9 is a compact self-standing enclosure supporting up to 9 single-slot Motorola products. It can be placed on a desk, floor, or side by side on a 19" equipment shelf. The Modulus 21 enclosure is designed to be installed in an EIA 19" equipment cabinet. It is fully compatible with the Modulus 9, but offers the ability to house up to 21 single-slot Motorola ISG products as well as the option of power redundancy for critical applications.

True networking enclosure system providing high density and flexibility

Field installable cards and power supplies are front plug-able with "hot swap" capability


Power system redundancy available on Modulus 21 

Easily upgraded to encompass new technologies

 Supports a wide range of products to provide a broad applications coverage: -Data/voice/video TDM -Packet data switching/ concentration -Full scope of transmission products including digital, dial, and analog leased-line

 "Mix and match" capability and low cost modular design extend product life-cycles to meet your future needs

 Field installable cards and power supplies are front plug-able with "hot swap" capability

Fully supported by Motorola ISG network management systems

Product cards, power supplies; and backplane modules can be quickly installed, removed, or relocated in the network to adapt to changing requirements

Designed to allow cards to be inserted and removed from the front of the nest without having to remove cables at the back of the nest

Cards and power supplies can be inserted or removed safely while the enclosures are under power

Available in a single PSM configuration for non-redundant applications

High density can be achieved in single product type, high card-count applications

Product diversity within a common enclosure can be achieved with a mix and match of multiple product types.

Optional -48 VDC operation with single- or dual-feed battery powered installations

Optional Multiple Power Supply Module (PSM) configurations for power redundancy. Hot back-up to a redundant PSM is automatic should one of the primary power modules fail

Optional Modulus 21 can be ordered in two or three PSM configurations, the cost of redundancy can be matched to the specific power requirements of individual systems.


  Operating Environment

Temperature: 32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C)  
Altitude: (0) to 10,000 feet (3,048 m)  
Relative humidity: 10% to 95% (non-condensing) 

Non-Operating Environment

Temperature: -40° to 158°F (-40° to 70°C)  
Altitude: (0) to 35,000 feet (10,668 m)  
Relative humidity: 5% to 95%  

Dimensions Modulus 9:

Height: 14.5 in (36.8 cm)  
Width: 8.7 in (22.1 cm)  
Length: 20.5 in (52.1 cm)  
Weight (empty): 35 lbs (15.9 kg)  
Weight (fully configured): 52 lbs (23.6 kg)  
Card slots (maximum): 9

Modulus 21:

Height: 14.0 in (35.6 cm)  
Width (body): 17.8 in (45.2 cm)  
Length: 20.75 in (52.7 cm)  
Weight (empty): 48 lbs (21.8 kg)  
Weight (fully configured): 87 lbs (39.5 kg)  
Card slots (maximum): 21

Power Requirements

Modulus 9 @ 115/230 VAC:  
90 VAC to 132 VAC, 5.0 A (rms) maximum  
180 VAC to 264 VAC, 3.0 A (rms) maximum  
47 to 63 Hz, Single Phase  

Modulus 21 @ 115/230 VAC:

90 VAC to 132 VAC, 11.0 A (rms) maximum  
180 VAC to 264 VAC, 7.0 A (rms) maximum  
47 to 63 Hz, single phase  

Modulus 21 @ -48 VDC:

-42 VDC to -66 VDC, 17 A max.

Power Available to Product Cards

150 Watts (one PSM)  
330 Watts (two or three


To Order

80400 Modulus 21 Slot Enclosure, 115V
80402 Modulus 9 Slot Enclosure, 115V
80403 Modulus 9 Slot Enclosure, 230V
80408 Modulus 21 Slot Enclosure, -48V
80416 Modulus 21 Slot Enclosure, 115V
80418 Modulus 21 Slot Enclosure, -48V
80420 Modulus 21 Slot Enclosure, 115V
80428 Modulus 21 Slot Enclosure, -48V
80429 Modulus 9 Slot Enclosure, -48V


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