IML Low Power VDC Modem

DC & AC powered modem - Temp Rated - ideal for Solar powered applications

Hardened Industrial Rated - DIP Switch Settings -
7ma Sleep Mode - Double Surge Protected

Bell 103, 212, V.22, V.22bis, V.32, V.32bis, V.34, 56K

To service the growing need for efficient, reliable data communications in the harsh environments of remote sites and industrial facilities. ARC has developed a modem that can operate from various AC & DC power supplies with a very low power mode and survive high surge levels and extreme heat and cold. All this without compromising the performance expected from state-of-the-art communications devices.

ARC modems  work in remote sites with very low failure rates. These devices work where other modems roll over and die. When a service call to a remote site can mean an all day trip this modem is the ideal solution.


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