DSU-CSU 9.6 19.2 56 64Kbps

DCB PPP DSU-CSU with 4 ports -
DSU-CSU 56/64Mbps with V35 and RS232 data ports - Async DSUCSU 

DSU - Data Service Units, CSU - Channel Service Units

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  Async DSU with built-in Sync PPP conversion for 1 to 4 workstations! Connect remote computers to synch dedicated lines using Windows dial-up-networking

DL-56/64 DSU/CSU   56/64Kbps DSU with V.35 and RS-232 interfaces

DA-56 DSU/CSU   Asynchronous DSU with 56 Kbps network speed and asynchronous DTE speed up to 115.2 Kbps

DL DSU/CSU   High-end Sync/Async DSU with LCD display and network management port

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