Data Comm for Business 


SR-04W Wireless Multiplexer Low cost 4 port multiplexer, wireless link to 15 miles, 57.6 Kbps ports

SR-04 Low Cost Multiplexer Low cost 4 port multiplexer, 128Kbps composite, 57.6Kbps ports

SPL Multiplexer 2 to 14 ports, DDS, Multi-point DDS, Dial-up, or ISDN composite Stat Mux

SR Multiplexer 1 to 32 ports, Frame Relay, multi-point Frame Relay, DDS, Dial-up, or ISDN composite Stat Mux

SPL Hub 2 to 10 port hub allows multiple multiplexer to co-exist on a single composite line

SR Data Concentrator 8 to 32 port data concentrator, Simplex or Duplex, Suitable for satellite operation

Data Broadcast Switch 8 to 32 port RS-232 data broadcast unit with reverse channels, Ideal for SCADA, paging, and machine control

SPL144 Modem/Multiplexer SPL multiplexer with built-in dial-up or leased-line modem

SRX/SPL Multi-Drop Multiplexer Firmware Firmware to use the SR and SPL on multi-drop DDS lines or radios

Unimux RS-6000 Multiplexer Standard SR multiplexer imbedded in a RS-6000 SCSI interface card. Uses standard SR remote multiplexers.


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