Dial-Up Security Modem



Security Modem
Industrial Grade Modem for Secured Dial-up Applications

The DCE SM9256/SEC and SM9234/SEC industrial grade security modems are designed and manufactured for secured communications over dial-up or public switched telephone networks (PSTN). The SM9256/SEC and SM9234/SEC utilize industry’s latest V.92 and V.34 modem technologies to deliver outstanding features, performance, and reliability in one cost-effective solution. The modems support RS-232 or RS-485 serial interfaces. The SM9256/SEC and SM9234D/SEC modems provide users with DCE’s proprietary powerful security features to protect against unwanted access by unauthorized callers. The modem is ideal for industrial and commercial communication applications including secured control systems, SCADA systems, corporate remote access servers, alarm systems, and critical network controlled access.

Key Features:
• Worldwide modem standard support: V92/V34/V32bis/V32/V22bis/V22/V21 compatible
• Industry’s latest standard data compressions and error corrections
• Asynchronous DTE operation from 300 to 115200 bps.
• Operate over POTS lines or PSTN voice-band networks
• Selectable security features to protect against unwanted callers:
User ID and Password screening before access are granted
Call-back security after verification of caller’s user ID and password
Answer only to callers with registered I.D. stored in the security modems
• Provide network administrator to login locally or remotely to maintain user ID, password and call-back
phone numbers, and to perform configuration changes.
• Provide data base for up to 20 registered users for security with user’s ID, password, call back
number, and caller ID for verification
• Isolated AC or DC-DC power supply for standard AC, battery, or solar powered systems
• Build-in LEDs and push-button switch for local or remote diagnostics
• Operate over wide range temperature of -40oC to +85oC
• Supports RS-232, RS-485 and RS-422 interface
• Small enclosure design for desk-top, DIN rail mounting or wall mount applications
• Plug-in modules for Motorola/UDS modem racks in central site installations

Ordering Information

SM9256/SEC Standalone, V92/V34/V32bis dial line modem 100-264VAC, 100-400VDC

SM9256/SEC-DC Standalone, V92/V34/V32bis dial line modem, 10-60VDC (isolated)

SM9234/SEC Standalone, V34/V32bis dial line modem 100-264VAC, 100-400VDC

SM9234/SEC-DC Standalone, V34/V32bis dial line modem, 10-60VDC (isolated)

SM9256/SEC-RM Rack mount card for RM16 nest, same as SM9256/SEC

SM9234/SEC-RM Rack mount card for RM16 nest, same as SM9234SEC

EN2-KIT-DIN DIN Rail Mounting Kit for standalone unit
EN2-KIT-WM Wall or panel mounting kit for standalone unit

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