Encore Networks

Encore Networks
 Product Overview

Integrated Access Devices

Integrated Access Devices aggregate multiple traffic types (i.e. voice/fax, IP, video etc) onto a single access port or circuit. The Encore Networks IADs consist of the following two product families:

MetroLAN™ family of IADs is ideal for remote office/branch office environments. Supports up to 3 analog Voice/Fax ports, Ethernet and, up to 3 physical ports with extensive IP/legacy support.

GlobalStack™ is a modular IAD that complements the MetroLAN™ for medium to large and central site environments. Supports up to 2 T1/E1 or 6 E&M voice interfaces, Ethernet and a variety of data interfaces (i.e., V.35, X.21, V.24, T1/FT1, E1/N*64kbps, and/or 56/64 kbps CSU/DSUs).

VPN Products

 The VPN product family provides highly available security and VPN solutions to SME customers. Features include built-in dynamic firewall, IPsec encryption, NAT IP routing and integrated V.90 dial back up capability. These product also allow legacy networks to migrate smoothly to secure IP infrastructure by natively supporting a wide range of legacy protocols such as 3270, Bisync, SNA, X.25, ALC, and MAT-IP.


 BANDIT, which stands for Broadband Access Network Device for Intelligent Termination, is an integrated VPN router that includes two Ethernet ports, one V.90 modem port for dial backup, and up to two legacy serial ports. It also includes a dedicated supervisory port that can be used for remote management.

Data Center Products Family

The Data Center product family is geared toward providing data routing capability for IP and legacy communications. Among the protocols supported are: IP, IPX, PPP, Ethernet, Token Ring, Frame Relay, Unisys BPS (Burroughs Poll Select) X.25, and SNA. Other HDLC-based protocols can be supported with encapsulation.

QUICK 2™ is an integrated router, protocol converter and terminal server all in one single easy to manage compact chassis, for attaching Unisys Poll Select devices into IP networks.

is a data router supporting a Network and a single user port.

WEBrouter is a compact low cost Internet/Intranet router supporting Ethernet and a single network port.

EtherFRADTM is a family of integrated IP and legacy data routers supporting Ethernet, a network port and up to 5 user ports.