DC powered Fiber Ethernet 100Base-T to
100Base-FL Media Converter

VDC Ethernet 100BaseT to fiber 100BaseFL media convert - DC powered

ANC-200TF Series
100Base-T to 100Base-FL Media Converter 10 to 30VDC power
The ANC-200TF series consists of three models of media converters: NC-200TFT,NC-200TFC. These converters are designed to convert 100Base-T to /from 100Base-T to/from 100Base-FL media type. The ANC-200TF series supports three fiber media types: multimode ST, SC and single mode ST connectors respectively. All three models support convenient connection to either a straight-through or a cross-over cable on the UTP end. The ANC-200TF series converters are cost effective and easy solutions for use in a mixed cabling environment or extending the network span to include a fiber optic backbone.


  • Complies with 802.3 100Base-T and 100Base-FL standards
  • Provides media conversion from UTP to Fiber Optic media types
  • extends network span from 2km(multimode fiber) up to 14km(single mode)
  • Provides a push button to set crossover function for the TP port
  • Interoperable with other 100Base media converters, 100Base, 10/100Base-T NICs, hubs or switches
  • Provides LEDs for easy network monitoring
  • Supports a variety of fiber optic connectors including duplex multimode ST, SC, and single mode ST


  • Standard: IEEE-802.3 Ethernet 100Base-T and 100Base-FL
  • Fiber Port:
    • MultiMode ST
    • MultiMode SC
    • SingleMode ST
  • Fiber Cable:
    • MultiMode 850nm 62.5/125um fiber cable(max.distance:2km)
    • SingleMode 1300nm 9/125um fiber cable (max. distance: 14km
  • TP Port Cable: Shielded RJ-45 jack Cat.5 UTP cable(100m max.)
  • LEDs
    • Power status
    • Link and receive status for TP port
    • Link and receive status for fiber port
  • Environment:
    • Temperature: 00 to 500C
    • Relative Humidity : 10% to 90% non-condensiong
  • Dimension: 150mm x 26mm x 125mm
  • Power: DC10~30V
Connector Type
SC type ST type
Ordering Information
MODEL DESCRIPTION Fiber Mode Connector Power input
100M Fiber Optic to 100M RJ-45 Connector
MultiMode ST DC10~30V
ANC-200TFC 100M Fiber Optic to 100M RJ-45 Connector
MultiMode SC


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