Ethernet Extenders


                      The Technology 


Ethernet extension allows users to expand their Ethernet connections beyond the 328-foot (100-meter) Ethernet distance limitations. Ethernet extenders can establish long-range, high-speed data communication links between geographically separated LANs or LAN devices. Ethernet extenders are often employed to connect workgroups on different floors within a building.

     One benefit of Ethernet extenders is they can eliminate the need for installing expensive Switches and CAT5 cable. Ethernet extenders can use fiber-optic, coax, wireless, or copper twisted-pair cables to transparently send packets at full-line rate to a peered LAN up to twenty-five miles away. While networks typically deploy Ethernet extenders within a limited geographical area, this area need not be limited to one building. Ethernet extenders can create effective bridged-Ethernet connections across streets or over a college or enterprise campus and between Ethernet LANs up to twenty-five miles apart.

     Ethernet extenders are cost-effective alternatives to more complicated and pricey wiring installations such as CAT5 cable. Ethernet extenders are plug-and-play devices that you can install quickly to take advantage of existing copper twisted-pair network infrastructure. Depending on the required data rate, some Wireless Ethernet extender models can increase the distance of an Ethernet link up to twenty-five miles with Line Of Site (LOS).

     At Data Connect, we offer a wide range of award-winning Ethernet Extenders to serve your networking needs, including copper, coax, fiber, and wireless models. Our auto-rate adaptation feature ensures the highest speed possible across great distances. Unlike many LAN extenders, Data Connect extenders with auto-rate adaptation can be set for multiple data rates and require no difficult configuration when connecting to LANs at different distances


CopperLink Ethernet Extenders

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