CSU / DSU VDC power

Extended Temperature range - SEVERE ENVIRONMENT - DC Power
Now available with a power input option of 12, 24 or 48 VDC. The input floats so ground loops are eliminated. The input total power requirement is under 3.5 watts. Power input can be from solar cells or regular battery. Wide voltage swings can be tolerated - temperature range of -30 to +150 degrees Fahrenheit - power input option of 12, 24 or 48 VDC -


VRT-1ER/DC 12, 24, 48 DC power - 9.6 to 56Kbps CSU/DSU


The VRT-1 is a High Performance, Variable Speed CSU/DSU  
that allows users to connect to the Digital Network without obsolescing existing equipment. The VRT-1 performs Bell compatible encoding and decoding, system timing, the proper interface and complete diagnostics in a small package. 

BAT VRT-1 Multi-Rate port speed

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Line Rate: 56,000 bps
Operating Modes: Dataphone Digital Service (DDS) in point to point or multi-point applications.
May also be used as Limited Distance Modem in point to point applications.
Standard Features: IN Service LED, internal timing, DDS slave timing, permanent RTS (user option).
Test Features: Ten front panel status and test indicators. Front panel push button selects the following test modes: Self Test, Digital Loop, Local Loop, Remote Loop.
Responds to Bell defined CSU and DSU loop backs from the Central Office.
Internal pattern generator.
AC Power: 117 VAC +/- 10%, 60Hz, 12w.
Environment: -30 to +150 degrees Fahrenheit up to 95% humidity.
Physical: Height..................2.50 In.
Width...................8.00 In.
Depth...................6.25 In.
Connectors: Both V.35 and RS-232 connectors provided.
Configuration: Speed Interface Sync Async
  56.0K V.35 / RS-232 YES NO
  38.4K V.35 / RS-232 YES YES
  19.2K V.35 / RS-232 YES YES
  9.6K V.35 / RS-232 YES YES
  4.8K V.35 / RS-232 YES YES
  2.4K V.35 / RS-232 YES YES
  1.2K V.35 / RS-232 YES YES
  Signals are present at both connectors regardless of data rate.
Data Format: Synchronous or Asynchronous (7/8data bits one stop bit)
Interface: Standard registered RJ-48s jack on the rear panel.
Modulation: Bipolar return to zero.
Impedance: 135 ohm +/- 10%
TX level (135ohm load): 56,000....1.4v peak
RX levels: Supports at least 40 db attenuation (exceeds Telco requirements by 6 db)
Equalization: Automatic, no user adjustment needed.


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