Fiber 100BaseTX-FX
Media Converters

Fiber 10BaseTX -100BaseTX to  10BaseTX to 100BaseFX Converter 

  • Network extension: maximal distances (2000m F/O, 100m STP) over multi-mode fiber
  • Flexible installation: desk-top or shelf-mounted
  • Reliability: internal quality power-supply
  • FEF and FDX advertising
  • Fault Propagation with TEST function
  • DC power supply (optional) for Telco applications

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This compact yet rugged device provides 100Base-TX/FX Media Conversion. It allows network extension over m/m fiber of 2000m (6600ft), and up to 150 km (!) over s/m fibers. It is transparent to HDX/FDX transmissions. Furthermore, it generates “FDX advertising” signals to force maximal performance on other – even non managed – network elements, thus enhancing overall network performance. The FEF (Far End Fault) mechanism supported in the device allows assures link integrity. The Fault propagation feature allows real-time alerting of link-loss for network resilience, while the TEST function provides diagnostic means.
The F.CON1 is equipped with an internal quality auto-range power supply (-48VDC power supply is optional).
The optional slide-in rack shelf allows easy yet safe installation of up to 3 F.CON1 (or S.CON1/CTF1) devices in 1U height.


Model P/N Description
F.CON1 B050 Single Channel 100BaseTX to 100Base-FX, multimode, 2km, SC
F.CON1/T B099 Single Channel 100BaseTX to 100Base-FX, multimode, 2km, ST
F.CON1/SMR7 B016 Single Mode (7km) F.CON1, SC
F.CON1/SMR B089 Single Mode (15km) F.CON1,SC
F.CON1/SM B079 Single Mode (25km) F.CON1,SC
F.CON1/SM/L B100 Single Mode (40km) F.CON1, SC
F.CON1/SMRF13 B154 Single Fiber Strand (15km) F.CON1, 1310nmTx, 1550nmRx, SC
F.CON1/SMRF15 B155 Single Fiber Strand (15km) F.CON1, 1550nmTx, 1310nmRx, SC
PS48 B097 option, -36VDC to –72VDC for F.CON1
CTF-RM B012 19” rack shelf for installation of up to 3 F.CON1 devices (1U)


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