Fiber Modem  Model 272A Optoverter

 4 wire RS-422 Fiber Optic Line modem Driver/Converter


  • Data Rate to 2.5 MBPS
  • Full Duplex TD and RD
  • ST Connectors

Product Description

The Model 272A provides the capability of performing an interface conversion between full duplex, RS-422 signals and their equivalent for fiber optic transmission. For applications where the transmission medium must be protected from electrical interference, lightning, atmospheric conditions or chemical corrosion fiber optics is the perfect solution. The Model 272A, RS-422 to Fiber Optic Converter handles full duplex data rates to 2.5 MBPS. The electrical interface to the RS-422 port is fully differential for transmit and receive data and is implemented in an industry standard DB25 connector. The fiber optic ports are implemented using the industry standard ST connectors. The design has been optimized for 62.5/125 micron fiber cable, however other sizes may be used. The optical signal wavelength is approximately 850nm. The optical power budget for the Model 272A is 12 dB. In normal applications the distance between a pair of Model 272A's will be at least 2KM (6,600 ft). Power to operate the Model 272A is supplied by a small, wall mounted, 9 Volt AC transformer and line cord.

Model Description Price Product Info
272A 2 Wire, RS-422 to Fiber Optic Line Driver/Converter $149

Specs Manual

272A-220 2 Wire, RS-422 to Fiber Optic Line Driver/Converter - 220 Volts $149

Specs Manual 


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