GDC DeskTop 202T


DeskTop 202 053A004-001

1800 bps 202T Private Line Modem

"The Perfect Balance of Technology and Style"

Product Highlights:

  Custom VLSI technology yields superior performance and reliability

  Attractive DeskTop enclosure saves office space in standalone installations

  Advanced design ensures ease of installation and use

  Simple option selection without complicated programming

Description General DataComm's DeskTop 202 combines the functionality of Bell compatible, 1800 bps private line communications with an attractive, low profile design for today's modern offices. Using state-of-the-art technology, we can now bring you a compact, efficient modem that is both economical to own and simple to operate.

Superior Performance The DeskTop 202 is the perfect choice for asynchronous transmission in point-to-point and multipoint applications. Custom Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) provides the modem with advanced features while maintaining the best price performance available.

Optimum data throughput is ensured by a sophisticated compromise equalizer, for immunity to impairments normally encountered with unconditioned voice grade facilities. A soft transmit carrier turnoff virtually eliminates the problem of erroneous data bits that can affect polled applications. And the anti-streaming timer protects against the potential disruption caused by faulty, "streaming" terminals.

In short, you just can't get more accurate transmission than with the DeskTop 202.

Highest Reliability Besides also making the DeskTop 202 compact, our VLSI technology means extremely high reliability. For example, the modem draws a maximum of only 6 watts power, resulting in lower heat dissipation and longer component life.

As the most power efficient modem in its class, the DeskTop 202 can therefore save you even more in operating expenses. Plus, there's even an on/off switch for when the modem is not in use.

Easy to Use Simple installation, setup and use were primary considerations behind the design of the DeskTop 202. So installation is fast and uncomplicated no tools are needed! In addition, we've used our experience to make sure that the modem will meet operating requirements for the widest range of applications without difficult programming procedures.

The DeskTop 202 options are set using a switch bank accessible from the outside of the enclosure. While the switches determine things like RTS/CTS delays and constant or controlled carrier selections, other parameters have built-in default values to satisfy most user needs. We know that bringing up a network can be difficult, so we've made it simpler for you.

Powerful Diagnostics A comprehensive array of diagnostic tests provides accurate detection of system faults and helps you to quickly restore service. Included are Analog Loopback (ANALOOP), Digital Loopback, Remote Digital Loopback (RDL), and Self-Test.

All tests may be initiated by front panel switches and monitored through easy-to-read LED displays. ANALOOP and RDL can also be controlled from the terminal equipment (DTE) interface. Finally, the DeskTop 202 has a selectable 10-minute abort timer to prevent inadvertently locking the modem in test mode for extended periods of time.

The Uncluttered Desk Perhaps the biggest advantage of the sleek DeskTop look is how easily it fits into any office environment. A standalone unit, the DeskTop 202 is also compatible with our DataComm 202T modems, which means you can have the convenience of a high density package at the central site, while the workstation at your remotes stay clear and uncluttered.

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