GDC DataComm 554 T1 FT1 CSU DSU

The General DataComm DC554 operates at all X x 56/64 Kbps rates from 56 Kbps to 1.536 Mbps (where N-1 to 24), adhering closely to all standards for T1 and FT1 access.

The DataComm 554 is a high perfor­mance, single-channel CSU/DSU designed to sup­port full and fractional T1 (FT1) applications that do not require added wide-area network manage­ment. It is the ideal solution for applications that have outgrown 56 Kbps and require faster data transport. The DataComm 554 supports a V.35 or optional E IA-530 interface for interconnecting FAN Bridge/Routers, T1 Multiplexers, Video Teleconferencing gear, CAD/CAM, and Medical Imaging applications that demand the speed and performance offered by today's attractively priced FT1 services.

The DataComm 554 operates at all X x 56/64 Kbps rates from 56 Kbps to 1.536 Mbps (where N-1 to 24), adhering closely to alI standards for T1 and FT1 access_ The DataComm 554 supports both the ANSI and 54016 versions of Extended Super Frame (FSF), as well as AMI and B8ZS (clear channel) line coding, to ensure compatibility with the latest digital services. In addition, it supports the AT&T 54019A specification for FT1 transmission -a requirement for Frame Relay, today's increasingly popular LAN/WAN interconnect service. EASY INSTALLATION From the start, the Datacomm 554 has been designed to simplify instal­lation and maintenance. Unit configuration is per­formed by setting clearly marked on-board option switches. An array of front panel control led tests and LEDs facilitates the installation process by verifying equipment operation as well as identifying sig­nal status and warning the user of alarm conditions. To make things even easier, the Datacomm 554 automates both Line Build-Out (LBO) and framing format selection As far as performance is concerned, the DataComm 554 employs GDC s excusive Extended Dynamic Range technology to ensure the most trouble-free operation possible over the widest range of T1 circuits.

POWERFUL DIAGNOSTICS the DataComm 554 supports a full complement of diagnostic tests to isolate and quickly resolve system faults. Network Administrators can command local and remote diagnostic loopbacks directly from the equipment s front panel to pinpoint faulty circuit and/or equip­ment problems. The DataComm 554 even has a built-in test pattern generator/error detector to minimize the need for external test equipment! For added flexibility, the network administrator can select from multiple patterns, including QRSS and 3:24, to stress test the T1 link, as well as CCITT 511 and 2041 test patterns for the data channel. Unlike most other T1 CSU/DSUs, the DataComm 554 has front panel test jacks to facilitate break-in testing and non-interfering monitoring of in-service activity. In addition, the DataComm 554's network per­formance ESF registers provide the carrier with in-service statistics to help it monitor the overall performance of the network.

FLEXIBLE PACKAGING DESIGN I-, DataComm 554 follows GDC s extremely Flexible Data commonality packaging design. It is available in high-density rackmount units - up to 16 can be installed in a 19-inch or 23-inch shelf or in an attractive, compact standalone enclosure.

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