Cellular Cell GSM Data Modem GPRS

The BlueTree M2M Express GSM Cell modem is a rugged wireless data modem that operates over the GPRS/GSM network. It supports both the GPRS packet-switched and the GSM circuit-switched data services. Its solid design means that is built to perform in all types of conditions including the harsh outdoors, in-vehicle mountings, demanding industrial environments and indoor commercial locations.

  • Standard RS232 serial connection

  • GPRS and GSM support

  • Dual-band support (850/1900 MHz)

  • 14.4 kbps uplink and 64 kbps downlink

  • Short Message Service (SMS)

  • Full duplex transceiver

  • Programming via AT commands and BlueVue Software

  • Full set of diagnostic LED's for accurate trouble-shooting

  • Rugged exterior extruded aluminium enclosure

  • Easy mounting for in-vehicle or panel installation


The BlueTree M2M Express CSM cell modem is used wherever there is a need for a quick and efficient wireless exchange of data between equipment. Ideal replacement for landline or wireline modems Delivers data wirelessly to fixed or mobile devices and applications Dialup circuit-switched and packet-switched applications Remote telemetry applications

Built upon the best technology for wireless communications

  • Cost effective solution

  • Platform for rapid application development

  • FCC and Industry Canada certified RF

  • Complete network approvals



Data exchange between a PC,
rugged laptop or rugged PDA to:

  • Utility meters readings

  • Electronic road displays

  • Traffic signal monitoring and control units

  • On-board vehicle computers for vehicle tracking

  • AVL) mobile dispatch and field service

  • Surveillance video cameras

  • Data logger


Wireless Interface GPRS and GSM
Frequency Bands 850 MHz @ 2 Watts
  1900 MHz @ 1 Watt
  Class 10 (Capable of 4 down,2 up and 5 active slots)
  Packet Broadcast Control Channel (PBCCH) support
Host Interface RS232 Serial Data port
  Supports AT command interface
  Speeds from 1200 bps to 115200 bps
Interface Connector DB9 - female
Packet-switched Data Services (GPRS) Data rates of 14.4 kbps uplink and 64 kbps downlink
Circuit-switched Data Services (GSM protocol) Asynchronous
Short Message Service (SMS) Features Mobile-terminated SMS (MT SMS)
  Mobile-originated SMS (MO SMS)
Antenna Connection SMA 50 ohms - male
LED Status Indicators Power, TX, RX, CD, DTR, Service
Receiver Sensitivity -104 dBm
Power Specifications 4-pin MiniFit connector
Input Voltage 6 VDC to 30 VDC (12 VDC nominal)
Consumption @ 12 VDC Transmit : 120mA (700mA peak)
Effective Radiated Power 30 dBM @1900 MHz
  33 dBM @ 850 MHz
Environmental Operating temperature: -20C to
  Storage temperature: -30C to
Physical Characteristics  
Weight 220 g;< .5 lb
Dimensions 120 mm x 78 mm x 27 mm; 4.72" x 3.07" X 1.06"
Enclosure Extruded Aluminum
Approvals FCC, PTCRB
Warranty 1 year manufacturer's warranty


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