Asynchronous - Synchronous
Long Distance Short-Range Modem
up to 17 miles at lower speeds

17 miles distance on a short haul modem


Model 1080A
AC Powered, Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous, Short-Range Modem
You Can Use the Model 1080A in Just About Any RS-232 UTP or STP Application!

  • Async or Sync Operation
  • 4-Wire Half or Full Duplex/2-Wire Half Duplex Only
  • RS-232 Data Rates to 57.6 kbps
  • Distances over 17 Miles (27.4 Km)
  • Point-to-Point or Multipoint
  • V.54 and V.52 Test Modes
  • Automatic Equalization/Gain Control
  • Internal, External or Received Recover Clocking in Sync. Mode
  • Custom VLSI Noise Filter Chip
  • Transformer Isolation/Surge Protection
  • Anti-Streaming Timer
  • LED Status Indicators
  • Fully Compatible with the Model 1040

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The Model 1080A AC Powered, Universal Short Range Modem is the bread and butter of our RS-232 short haul line, and it's now tastier than ever! Recent improvements in the Model 1080A include better distances (up to 17 miles [27.4Km] on one or two unconditioned twisted pair), support for higher data rates (up to 57.6 kbps), and the addition of a built-in V.52 BER test pattern generator.Of course, the Model 1080A retains all the features that you have already come to expect: asynchronous or synchronous RS-232 operation, half duplex communication over two wires or a choice of half or full duplex communication over four wires, support for point-to-point or multipoint applications, and fully compliant V.54 test modes (local analog loop and remote digital loop).

Automatic features include equalization, gain control and noise filtering (a separate filter for each data rate is built into a custom VLSI chip). To combat the many nemeses of clear data transmission, the Model 1080A includes surge protection (guards against transients), transformer isolation (eliminates ground looping) and a new anti-streaming timer (stops data streaming).

The Model 1080A packs a lot of convenience into a little box: Front panel LEDs give a clear picture of link status, V.54 tests can be activated remotely or via the front panel, and the unit can be externally configured (no need to open the case). Best of all, the Model 1080A standalone is fully compatible with the Model 1080A rack card and the new self-powered Model 1040 short haul.


Range: 17.5 miles @1200 bps, 19 AWG 2-pair wire
Data Rates: Sync or Async: 1.2, 1.8, 2.4, 3.6, 4.8, 7.2, 9.6, 14.4, 19.2, 28.8, 38.4, and 57.6 kbps, externally switch selected
Operation: Point-to-point or multipoint
Transmit Mode: Synchronous or asynchronous, 2-W/half duplex, 4-W/half or full duplex
Interface: EIA RS-232, CCITT V.24
Connectors: DB-25 female (RS-232), RJ-45 jack and terminal block (RJ-11 optional)
Diagnostics: V.54 compliant local analog loopback & remote digital loopback; V.52 compliant 511 and 511E test pattern generator
LED Indicators: TD, RD, RTS, DCD, Power, Test
Carrier: Constantly ON or Controlled by RTS
RTS/CTS Delay: Strap selected: 0.0, 8.5 or 50 mS
Transmit Clock: Internal, external or receive recover
Isolation: Transformer, 1500V RMS
Surge Protection: SAD, 600W power dissipation
Power Supply: External transformer, 115V or 230V
Dimensions: 4.17W x 1.52H x 5.0L (10.6 x 3.9 x 12.7 cm)


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