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 Cellular Modem MNP10EC - MNP 10 protocol which was originally developed for noisy landline conditions.



Newport Beach, Calif.- Norwood, Mass. --Nov.14, 1996 Recognizing the needs of the mobile communications marketplace, Microcom and Rockwell have developed enhancements to the Microcom Networking Protocol (TM) Class 10 (MNP (R) 10) to further optimize modem performance over circuit-switched cellular networks. The new data cellular technology, MNP 10 Enhanced Cellular (TM)

(MNP lOEC), is the culmination of the combined modems technology leadership from Rockwell and the protocol expertise of Microcom.

MNP 10EC offers five primary benefits to users, including:

Higher ratio of initial modem connections -- Users get connected and stay connected.

Quicker initial connections -- Time between initial line connection and data transmission has been lowered by shortening the initial billing delay and speeding up the initial modem handshakes.

Backward compatibility to both MNP 10 and LAPM --Users will see increased connectivity and overall throughputs even if MNP lOEC is on only one modem.

Greater call completion ratio -- Fewer data connections are dropped; connections fall forward to the highest speed possible more quickly.

Faster data throughputs -- Provides higher average throughputs speeds, lowering cellular charges and increasing user productivity.

Early independent tests indicate that MNP lOEC connects up to 25 percent better than ETC and exhibits 30 percent higher throughput rates.

MNP lOEC works with Rockwell's recently announced digital signal processors, Enhanced Cellular data pumps, by integrating complementary cellular enhancement to the market-accepted MNP 10 protocol which was originally developed for noisy landline conditions. The analog circuit-switched network poses particular impediments to cellular data applications. Initial enhancements to MNP 10 addresses many of these obstacles; MNP lOEC is a "third generation" protocol. It is not only optimized to work with the Rockwell Cellular Optimized Processor (COP) technology, but takes advantage of Microcom's broad experience in adverse channel protocol development.

"Microcom intends to use Rockwell's new data pump technology and implement it with MNP lOEC in its products," said Greg Pearson, senior vice president of technology management for Microcom. "We see these combined technologies as appropriate for use across our product line, from our TravelCard line of PCMCIA modems to Microcom's HDMS (TM) central site modem pool.

"MNP lOEC will be deployed and accepted rapidly throughout the industry due to Rockwell's market leadership and the large installed base of MNP 10 modems," said Armando Geday, business director, Rockwell Modem

Systems, "providing the user with immediate improvement in cellular applications and decrease in communications expense."


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