Rack-Chassis Platform

Carrier Class 19” Rack-Mountable platform is a modular multiple-channel 10/100/155/1000Mbps) Media Access Concentrator.

  • Carrier Class - redundant PS, -48VDC PS, all modules (including fans) are hot-swappable, all modules, controls and indicators - front
    loaded, no active components on backplane, loop-back via MA, continuous link testing via MA, Last Gasp

  • Management - Stand Alone or stackable

  • Top Density: up to 48 F/O interfaces

  • Largest variety of modules (10/100/155/1000Mbps), distances and connectors

  •  Light Weight, Space Saving

  • MA™ support for remote management - only one agent and one IP address to control up to 400 remote users

This Carrier Class 19” Rack-Mountable platform is a modular multiple-channel 10/100/155/1000Mbps) Media Access Concentrator providing up to 48 conversion channels, housed in a 3U chassis, yielding an unprecedented density factor of 16/U. It features altogether 16 slots: 3 for power supplies, 1 for the management module and 12 for conversion modules (up to 4 user interfaces each). All modules, controls, connectors and indicators are located on the front panel for easy and space saving installation (including in dual back-to-back built cabinets). Its light weight allows installation by a single technician. The MetroStar comes equipped with dual load sharing power supplies while an additional slot allows the insertion of a third redundant power supply, increasing MTBF.

All modules are hot swappable. Even the cooling fans- integrated in the modular PS rather than fixed in the chassis, are hot swappable. All these result in record high MTBF and virtually zero MTTR.

Most of the modules are equipped with FibroLAN’s MA™ technology, which allows low cost management of the remote link partners. SNMP management is provided either by a single management module or by a combination of Master and Slave modules which allow the stacking of up to 8 devices, providing full management of hundreds of users by a single SNMP agent. The optional cable organizer facilitates neat and safe deployment even in the densest configurations.

All these features make MetroStar the  industry’s most efficient Access Concentrator for FTTx and large enterprise networks.

Slots: 16 - 3 for Power Supplies, 1 for management and 12 conversion (1,2 or 4 channels each)
Management: Stand Alone or stackable, SNMP V1&V2, Telnet, RS232, TFTP
Power-Supplies: (2, third optional) 100 240 VAC, 50 60Hz, load-sharing or -48VDC (-36 -72VDC), load-sharing
Supplies: hot swappable
Temperature: Operating: 0° †+45°C Storage: -20° †+80°C
Safety: UL 1950:1955 EN 60950
Dimensions: 441x210x132mm Cooling: forced air, fans integrated in Power
Power Consumption: 120 Watts maximum
Humidity: 10% 90% non-condensing
EMC: FCC part 15, Subpart B, Class A; ICES 003:1997, Class A; EMC Directive 89/336/EEC
Weight: 7 kg max. (fully loaded)





Chassis, 3U, 16 slots, including 2 AC Power Supplies+6*BP-01


Chassis, 3U, 16 slots, including 2 DC Power Supplies+6*BP-01

FPS5033A (D)

Redundant AC (DC) power Supply


Blank Panel for conversion module slots/ P.S. slots


100TX-FX converter module. X=SC,ST,MTRJ,SM,SFS1550


2* 100TX-FX converter module. X=SC,ST,MTRJ,SM,SFS1550


10/100TX-FX converter module. X=SC,ST,MTRJ,SM,SFS1550


2* 10/100TX-FX converter module. X=SC,ST,MTRJ,SM,SFS1550


2:1 Aggregating converter module, single mode 1310nm,SC, 15km


2:1 Aggregating converter module, single mode 1310nm,SC, 25km


2:1 Aggregating converter module, SFS 1550nm, SC, 15km


4:1 Aggregating converter module, SFS 1550nm, SC, 15km


M/M to S/M ATM/OC3 direct converter,



S/M to S/M ATM/OC3 direct Extender, 7Km to 25 Km


SNMP module - stand alone configuration


SNMP Module Master, manages main and 7 slave systems


SNMP Module, Slave, to be managed under Master Module


1000Base-T to 1000Base-SX or LX (10/20/40/80km) Conversion Module


1000Base-SX to 1000Base-LX (10/20/40/80km) Conversion Module


Power Monitor Module


Cable Orgnizer Tray



see  Fibrolan Media Converters for this Chassis

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