DC Powered Modem

Modem VDC power and  AC power 110/115VAC 60Hz to
220/230 VAC 50Hz

DC power modem 12 - 24 - 48 to 125VDC

  V3600LP Modem
Dial-up and 2-wire and 4-wire Leased Line AC and DC power

V.3600LP+ Modem
ST3342LP+ Modem
User ID/Password

  Industrial Rated with surge protection and temperature rated - - For industrial networks, data centers and remote management application that require high-speed connections

Modems DC power -- VDC Modem 9 to 125 VDC

Modems AC power -- AC 110/115 60 Hz and 220/230 VAC 50Hz
with Dial up - - lease line 2 wire and 4 wire - Password Security and ID Security with surge protection and temperature rated -


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