Telenetics Motorola 202T MOT202T Modem

Now better with -40 to +85 C temperature range and 
VDC and 220VAC power modem
UDS Telenetics Motorola 202T modem in stock

Stand Alone Telenetics Motorola 202T MOT202T modem   62025197 TEL62025197

Rack Card Telenetics Motorola RM16M 202T MOT202T modem     62025209 TEL62025209

DC Powered Telenetics Motorola 202T MOT202Tmodem   62025266 TEL62025266
now a
220VAC 50 Hz version is available

Motorola 202T Modem
(UDS 202T modem)
AC - DC power modem

Telenetics introduces the latest addition to the family of industrial grade, temperature hardened Modems, Model Motorola MOT202T Modem. This 0-1800 bps leased telecom line or private wire modem is a pin-for-pin, form, fit and function replacement for the Motorola RM16M 202T modem.  Telenetics recently signed a manufacturing license  with Motorola and we are now delivering this new product line.
Telenetics had to change some of the older chips for newer analog filters which gives new life to a world class modem. With these new changes we can offer an even a better unit - now with wider voltage and  temperature range.



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Older part numbers

Stand Alone Motorola 202T modem   62025197

Rack Card Motorola 202T modem     62025209

DC Powered Motorola 202T modem   62025266
now a
220VAC 50 Hz version is available

 new Telenetics part numbers #

new part #  for the Stand Alone Telenetics Motorola 202T modem  TEL-62025197

new part #  for the Rack Card Telenetics Motorola 202T modem TEL-62025209

new part #  for the DC Powered Telenetics Motorola 202T modem   TEL-62025266
now a 220VAC 50 Hz version is available




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