T1 Channel Bank

Newbridge Channel Banks

FXO, FXS, E&M, 2 and 4 wire modems

  • TI Channel Bank up to 24 ports
  • Supports FXO, FXS, 2 and 4 wire modems


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The Newbridge 3624 MainStreet Intelligent T1 Channel Bank (ICB) is a compact, sophisticated network access product that provides a cost-effective method of connecting voice and data devices such as telephones, private branch exchanges (PBXs), routers, bridges, personal computers and servers into a T1 network. The 3624 MainStreet ICB provides a powerful combination of connectivity, intelligence and durability. It is an intelligent device that is completely software configured and managed, either locally or remotely. In addition, extensive troubleshooting and diagnostics operations can be performed using software commands. The 3624 MainStreet ICB supports any combination of voice, analog data from 2-wire and 4-wire modems and digital data. Strict compliance with international standards makes the 3624 ICB a highly reliable gateway to T1 facilities for customer premise applications. The 3624 ICB carries voice and data circuits over high speed digital transmission lines.





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