FrameSaver 9120
T1 Frame Relay Access Unit

Photo of Paradyne 9120 (9k)Data Sheet

FrameSaver from Paradyne takes frame relay network access to a whole new level!

The FrameSaver 9120 frame relay access unit is an SNMP-managed T1/FT1 frame relay micro-switch with DSU/CSU functionality that has been specifically designed for mission-critical frame relay network access applications. It includes a DSX-1 "drop and insert" port for voice traffic and two Nx64 frame relay data ports.

At the heart of every 9120 is a frame relay packet multiplexer. This frame relay packet mux allows the 9120 to provide advanced physical and logical management, transparent network restoral and money saving port and PVC aggregation. The 9120 can aggregate frame relay data streams from two independent sources like routers and FRADs into a single access circuit. Multiple PVCs destined for the same location can also be multiplexed into a single network PVC, further reducing frame relay port and CIR costs.

In addition to providing frame relay port aggregation, the Frame Relay AWare (FRAW) packet mux provides the 9120's management functions with "logical" PVC-based management and testing of individual PVCs. This PVC-based network management and SNMP connectivity which is independent of external routers, FRADs, or LAN adapters delivers true end-to-end management of your frame relay network. The 9120 may also be used with the 9028 Compression Unit to compress frame relay packet payloads.





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