Patton 2701 G.703/G.704 NTU

Model 2701


Model 2701
G.703/G.704 Network Termination Unit (NTU)

This device terminates G.703/G.704 lines and provides E1/Fractional E1



Today’s customers require low-cost network solutions that deliver high speed connections to the Internet and Corporate Intranets while supporting videoconferencing and many other wide-area services. The NetLink Model 2701 E1/Fractional E1 NTUs satisfies those needs.

The NTUs terminate G.703/G.704 services for all n x 64 kbps rates and connect to the customer’s router, FRAD, CODEC, and switches with a V.35, X.21, EIA-530, or 10Base-T Ethernet interface.

The Model 2701/D (X.21 version) provides DTE/DCE functionality in the same standalone or rack-mount package. This added versatility supports operation in X.21 DTE applications (see diagram below) where an NTU is needed to terminate G.703/G.704 and provide X.21/V.11 data to a multiplexer.

The Model 2701/I is a 10Base-T bridge that operates over G.703/G.704 lines (see diagram below). It uses MAC learning and forwarding to provide seamless LAN-to-LAN connectivity. As a result, corporate enterprises can connect their servers to a pair of Model 2701s and automatically forward data packets that are meant for the remote network. Local packets are filtered and passed only to the local LAN.

Stand alone NTU; EIA-530 (DB25F) interface; 90—260 VAC supply
2701/C/UI Stand alone NTU; V.35 (M/34F) interface; 90—260 VAC supply
2701/D/UI Stand alone NTU; X.21 (DB15F) interface; 90—260 VAC supply
2701/I/UI Stand alone NTU; 10Base-T (RJ-45F) interface; 90—260 VAC supply
2701/C/48 Stand alone NTU; V.35 (M/34F) interface; -48 VDC supply
2701/D/48 Stand alone NTU; X.21 (DB15F) interface; -48 VDC supply
2701/I/48 Stand alone NTU; 10Base-T (RJ-45F) interface; -48 VDC supply

Data Rate: Smooth Clock 2.048 Mbps
Network Connector: RJ-48C (all versions); Dual Coaxial (X.21 and Ethernet)
DTE Interface: EIA-530, X.21/V.11, V.35, or 10Base-T Ethernet
Line Coding: AMI or HDB3
Line Framing: G.703 (unframed) or G.704/G.732 (framed)
Clocking: Internal, External or Receive Recover
DTE Rates: nx64kbps (EIA-530, X.21/V.11, V.35); 10Mbps (10Base-T)
Indicators: E1 Link Status, TD, RD, Loss of Sync, Error, Test Mode, Ethernet Status (on 10Base-T Version)
Diagnostics: Local/Remote Loop, 511
Line Isolation: 1500VRMS
Compliance: CE Mark, G.703, G.704, G.723, G.832, CTR-12 and CTR-13
Temperature: 32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C)
Rel. Humidity: 5 to 90% non-condensing
Dimensions: 5.84L x 4.16W x 1.51H in (14.84L x 10.6W x 3.84H cm)
Weight: 2.225 lbs (1.02 Kg)


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