Patton 2977 RAS 
PCI WAN adapter card

Model Patton 2977 RAS
DataFire Server-Based, Enterprise T1/E1 RAS & Fax Adapter
Supporting open-standards remote access, fax, data collection, and modem pooling, the Model 2977 DialFire server-based RAS offers up to 60 ports in a single PCI slot.
Model 2977


Features & Benefits
  • Dynamic analog/digital/fax support—On-board DSPs provide advanced modem & fax support and maximize the efficiency of each communication channel
  • Field upgradable from 24/30 ports to 48/60 ports supporting up to two 61/E1 ports
  • Advanced DSP Technology—Supports V.90, K56Flex, ISDN, and Advanced FAX applications
  • Wide OS and third-party application support—The Model 2977 DialFire RAS integrates with, and take advantage of, the inherent communications capabilities built-in to your current server operating environments like; Microsoft, and Linux
  • Web-based management—The Model 2977 Digital Domain RAS hardware manager provides web-based reporting, diagnostics, and advanced troubleshooting tools
  • Universal server compliance—The Model 2977 Digital Domain RAS operates within the PCI 2.1 mechanical and electrical specifications, support 3.3 or 5-volt PCI servers, and share common software architecture

For demanding, server-based applications including modem-pooling, remote access, advanced fax, World Wide Web and branch office internetworking, you won't find a better product line than the Patton’s Model 2977 DialFire RAS

The Model Patton 2977 DialFire DSP-based RAS concentrator provides the widest compatibility and most powerful performance available in a PCI slot. Patton’s 2977 DialFire adapters support a full range of connections, from low density to high density T1/E1 and Primary Rate Interface (PRI) ISDN. Multiple Model 2977 Digital Domain adapters can be installed in a single server so capability can be added as system needs grow.



Many companies today rely on faxes to communicate with their customers. From hospitals to distribution companies, having the ability to send faxes simultaneously is a must. With Patton’s 2977 DialFire RAS, setting up a fax server is easier than ever. For companies with large faxing requirements, the 2977 RAS adapters for digital & analog communications combine Patton’s world-class hardware with high-speed ISDN access to provide up to 60 simultaneous connections.

Model 2977-B4 application diagram


DialFire 2977/B4

Patton Electronics 2977/B4/U DialFire PCI WAN adapter card.

2977/B4/ST: 4 BRI ISDN Ports with ST I/F (International)
Formerly Digi Part # 77000605

4 BRI ISDN Ports with U I/F
(North America)

Formerly Digi Part # 77000606

Model Patton 2977 T1/E1RAS & Fax Adapter

2977/24/PT1: 24 Port RAS Card
Single T1 WAN

Formerly Digi Part# 77000593

2977/48/PT2: 4
8 Port RAS Card
Dual T1 WAN

Formerly Digi Part# 77000597

30 Port RAS Card
Single E1 WAN

Formerly Digi Part# 77000599

60 Port RAS Card
Dual E1 WAN

Formerly Digi Part # 77000603

24 Port Daughterboard
 Upgrades 24 Port RAS to 48

Formerly Digi # 77000594

30 Port Daughterboard Upgrades 30 Port RAS to 60 Ports
Formerly Digi # 77000600

Patton 2977 RAS


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