RAD Megaplex E1 T1 Channel Bank

RAD Megaplex 104 Megaplex 204 Voice Channel Bank 
Supports Caller ID, Loopback Timing, Local Internal Source Clock (INT mode)
RADís New Compact Channel Banks Offer Cost-Effective Voice Transmission for Low Capacity Sites 

RAD Megaplex 104 Voice T1 Channel Bank- 8 T1 Channel Banks
RAD Megaplex 204 Voice T1 Channel Bank- 16 T1 Channel Banks


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Megaplex 104 204 Product Highlights

The RAD Megaplex-104 and RAD Megaplex-204 are cost-effective channel banks designed specifically for small point-of-presence (POP) applications. They have one E1 uplink and can support up to eight or 16 FXS voice channels, respectively. The channels support various analog voice features that are required for voice services providers.

Each FXS port supports caller ID, loop-start signaling, reverse polarity and 12 kHz/16 kHz metering pulse, thereby meeting the specifications for public and coin-operated telephones.

In-band fax support for Group III fax machines complies with T.4 and T.30.

Management capabilities for the Megaplex-104 and Megaplex-204 include in-band management over the E1 uplink and out-of-band management via an Ethernet port or via a terminal using the local serial port.

The Megaplex-104 and Megaplex-204 support both loopback timing (LBT mode) and a local, internal source clock (INT mode).

The Megaplex-104 is a compact, 1U high unit, suitable for the desktop, wall-mounting or mounting in a 19" rack (mounting kits available). Megaplex-104 uses an external power supply.

The Megaplex-204 is a 19" wide, 1U high unit in a metal chassis.

Megaplex-204 uses an internal power supply.

Saves Co-location Costs
The 1U high Megaplex-104 and Megaplex-204 channel banks are low cost devices designed for alternative (including wireless) voice providers who have simple infrastructure and low service penetration. The devices also meet the specifications for public and coin-operated telephones. The small product size also enables the service provider to pay for less space at the point-of-presence (POP) and eases the crowded conditions encountered at most POPs.

Remote Management Simplifies Operation
The devices offer advanced diagnostic capabilities such as tone injection and local and remote loops. Signaling monitoring checks the integrity of the line by sending end-to-end clear channel testing, which saves the cost of dispatching a technician to the field. The Megaplex-104 and Megaplex-204 can be configured and monitored via a local ASCII terminal, Telnet or an SNMP management system.

Enhances RADís Multiservice Access Platform
The Megaplex-104 and Megaplex-204 channel banks are members of RADís popular Megaplex family of modular, integrated access multiplexers and are managed by the same central management system. As such, they can be used at sites that require only voice within a larger Megaplex network. As very small access nodes, they expand the variety of applications and options that can be supplied by a Megaplex network.

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