Patton 2800 
RAS - Remote Access Server

An Integrated Remote Access Server with 30, 24 or 12 dial-in access ports
for V.90, K56Flex™, V.34+ or ISDN B Channel Calls

Consolidate Telecommuter, Voice & Internet Traffic onto One T1, E1 or PRI

  • Two T1, E1 or PRI Ports 
  • Handles up to 30 V.90/K56Flex™/V.34+ or ISDN B Channel Calls 
  • Routes Calls to Ethernet LAN or 
  • Frame Relay Uplink port Frame Relay/PPP Uplink to Internet 
  • IP Filtering 
  • Drop & Insert Support (Voice Calls from PBX)
  • Web Browser SNMP & HTTP Management  
  • Built-in DSP Modems Upgrades Via by FTP 
  • Small Size: only 1U High, 8" (20 cm) Deep 
  • Low power, less than 40 Watts, runs cool

The Patton 2800 Remote Access Server lets you consolidate inbound telecommuter calls, PBX voice traffic (drop & insert) and Internet access onto one T1, E1 or PRI. The Patton 2800's DSP modems can handle up to thirty V.90, K56Flex™, V.34+ or ISDN calls, making the Patton 2800 superb for small office and satellite ISP operations. Upgrades are done using software, and the entire box can be SNMP/HTTP managed from a Web browser!

2800 Software Specifications

Analog and Digital Modem Services Supports up to 30 concurrent dial-up connections, either analog (V.90/K56Flex™/V.34+) or digital (ISDN) Modem modulations: V.90, K56Flex™, V.34 Annex 12, V.34, V.8, V.32bis, V.32, V.22, V.22bis, V.23, V.21, Bell 212A, Bell 103, Bell 202, EIA PN-2330 Software sync/async receiver/transmitter for V.14 V.42/V.42bis error correction and compression

Protocol Services

  • TCP/IP Suite with extensive protocol statistics
  • Ethernet ARP, Proxy-ARP and RARP protocols
  • Async. and Sync. Point-to-Point protocol (PPP)
  • SLIP protocol
  • Van Jacobson TCP header compression
  • PPP address and protocol compression
  • RADIUS Authentication and Accounting, with support for primary and secondary servers
  • Internal Call History/Progress and Statistics
  • RIPv2 dynamic route distribution
  • User configurable static routes
  • Clear TCP connection throughout dial-in
  • IP in Frame Relay - RFC 1490
  • IP Filtering for block/pass on src/dest address; src/dest port; protocol; TCP Established

Management Services

  • Out-of-Band RS-232 configuration port for management and control
  • Remote software upgrade via TFTP or FTP to internal FLASH memory
  • SNMP version 1 configuration management
  • Support of MIB-II (RFC-1213), DS1 MIB (RFC-1406), RIPv2 MIB (RFC-1389), Ethernet MIB (RFC-1643) and Patton's enterprise MIB
  • System logging to configuration port, non-volatile FLASH, volatile RAM, SYSLOG Daemon and SNMP trap
  • RADIUS accounting (RFC 2139)
  • Dial-in dynamic IP address pool management
  • User configurable login prompts and banners
  • Status reporting of all Patton 2800 parameters
  • Built-in HTTP server for complete configuration and control using a standard Web browse


2800 Hardware Specifications



LAN Connection


Front Panel:

Rear Panel:




Power Supply:



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