Wireless LAN

2.4 GHz band frequency hopping spread spectrum technology

RangeLAN2 7100 ISA Card

Use the RangeLAN2 7100 ISA Card to wirelessly connect your desktop to the network.


The RangeLAN2 7100 ISA wireless LAN adapter is a long range, high performance wireless LAN adapter for AT-bus computers and servers. The 7100’s data rate of 1.6 Mbps exceeds the data rate requirements of most standard PC applications, making it an ideal wireless platform for high-speed LAN environments. The RangeLAN2 family also delivers the longest range of any wireless product in its class—operating at a distance of up to 500 feet in typical office environments and up to 1000 feet in open space environments. In addition, the RangeLAN2 family provides transparent access to standard wired LAN environments.

The RangeLAN2 7100 provides an easy-to-install wireless extension to existing wired client/server LANs for desktop locations that are difficult or expensive to wire. It can also be used as a standalone peer-to-peer networking solution in smaller companies or departments.

RangeLAN2 Architecture
The RangeLAN2 family sets a new standard for spread spectrum radio design excellence. RangeLAN2 is based on frequency hopping spread spectrum technology in the 2.4 GHz band. RangeLAN2’s multi-channel approach enables 15 independent wireless LANs to operate within the same physical space, effectively increasing the aggregate capacity of RangeLAN2 networks by 15 times.



Bus interface ISA bus
Range Up to 500 feet (~150 m) in typical office environments
Up to 1000 feet (~300 m) in open spaces
Radio Data Rate 1.6 Mbps per channel, 800 Kbps fallback rate for extended range
Channels Supports 15 independent, non-interfering virtual channels (frequency hopping patterns)
Certifications Meets FCC Part 15 in the U.S.; ETSI ETS 300.328 and CE EMC-EEC in Europe; applicable MKK standards in Japan
Compatibility OpenAir-compatibility ensures interoperability with the products of more than 20 Wireless LAN Interoperability Forum (WLIF) member companies
Warranty 1 year parts and labor (return to factory)
Network Information
Network Architecture Supports ad hoc peer-to-peer networks and  communication to wired Ethernet or Token Ring networks via Access Point(s)
Drivers Included NDIS 3.1 (for Windows 95);
ODI (for NetWare, Personal NetWare & others); NDIS 2.1 (for TCP/IP & Microsoft networks)
Media Access Protocol RangeLAN2 CSMA/CA (Proxim version of CSMA/CA optimized for spread spectrum radio; includes patented contention management protocol)
Error Detection/Correction Spread spectrum encoding, decoding
Ethernet Standard Compliance Ethernet packet types
Roaming Supports RangeLAN2 roaming for seamless roaming among RangeLAN2 Access and Extension Points
Domains Up to 16 domains for simultaneous independent networks
Security Hardware scrambling; Software encryption through 15 channels, 16 domains per network, >1 million encryption ID choices per domain
Frequency Band 2.4 GHz band. Actual frequencies in use vary by country
Radio Type Frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS)
Output Power 100 mW
Temperature Range -20 to +60 degrees centigrade
Humidity (Non-Condensing) 10 to 90 % typical
Ordering Information
7100 ISA Card with antenna

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