SixNet VT-Modem-3
RS485 RS422 and RS232 modem

SIXNET Industrial Telephone Modems are specifically designed for industrial environments from -30 to +70°C -
Connect these rugged modems to any PLC, RTU or any other industrial equipment that you need to remotely access.

Select a VT-MODEM-3 when…
…you need all the features of the general purpose Modem plus an RS422 or RS485 port or the ability to run on up to 52 VDC power.

Key Features

  • Connects to existing multi-drop devices
  • RS422 / RS485 port uses 2 or 4 wire connections
  • Has a standard RS232 port as well. Use the RS232 port or the RS422 / RS485 port
  • Connects directly to industrial I/O



Why an Industrial Telephone Modem?
SIXNET industrial telephone modems are designed for industrial environments. Their rugged packaging and protected circuitry keep them working under conditions that may cause cheap office-grade modems to fail. Industrial applications are demanding - it gets hot, it gets cold - the power browns out or spikes wildly - and you need a reliable industrial modem that can keep on going.

Industrial modems survive heat & cold
SIXNET industrial modems work reliably through the dead of winter to those hot summer days. Unlike ordinary modems that are intended only for use in air conditioned offices, SIXNET industrial modems are designed for those places that you don't want to be - over the temperature range of -30 to 70ºC.

PC Software compatibility guaranteed
SIXNET industrial modems contain an industrial version of the same modem chip-set found in PC internal modems. They support the full set of modem (AT) commands, protocols and operating features, and are 100% Windows software ready.

Forget the Velcro and makeshift brackets
SIXNET industrial modems can be DIN rail or direct panel mounted. Their compact footprint fits easily into equipment-filled enclosures.

Lose those bulky power transformers
SIXNET industrial modems run directly on the DC power that you already have in your control cabinet. Get rid of those cumbersome AC outlet transformers. No AC power means fewer safety issues. If you ship your equipment internationally, you can forget about the headaches caused by different line voltages and incompatible power plugs.

A simple solution for global business
Forget about the troubles of supplying different modems for each country. SIXNET industrial modems are compliant with telephone systems around the world. Simplify the logistics of your worldwide business and improve your bottom line.

System Integrators increase profits
System Integrators are putting SIXNET industrial modems in every PLC cabinet they design or service. Now, you can make program changes and get your customer's systems running without leaving your office.


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