RS232 to TCP-IP converter

IP enable virtually any serial device - transparent TCP/IP protocol conversion -
compact rugged industrial chassis

Device Server

 The Multi-Connect serial-to-serial device server enables installed serial devices to connect to the Internet for remote monitoring, control and configuration. The device server provides transparent serial data-to-Internet protocol conversion, eliminating the need for any hardware modifications. Simply install Multi-Connect between a serial device and an analog, ISDN or wireless modem to make your existing device, machine or system, IP-ready.

Family Features

Multi-Connect Serial-to-Serial Models





Serial-to-Serial Device Server + IP (DTE-to-DCE)   

   AMTS2SA-T (External Power, US Cord)    US/Can
   AMTS2SA-T-EU (External Power, Euro Cord)    Europe
   AMTS2SA-T-GB (External Power, UK Cord)    GB
   AMTS2SA-T-R (RS-232 Power)    Global



Applications.  The Multi-Connect serial-to-serial device server will IP-enable virtually any device to provide remote monitoring, control and configuration of any system. The solution is ideal for the following applications:




ATM terminals


Credit card and check verification systems


Data collection


Gas pumps


Industrial and medical remote monitoring systems


Point-of-sale terminals


Remote diagnostics


Remote metering


Security systems


Ticketing machines


Vending/gaming machines


And more...

Internet-enable Virtually Any Device.  Multi-Connect provides the powerful ability to IP-enable serial devices allowing more options for data acquisition, device management, and industrial control than would otherwise be available. The device server includes an embedded TCP/IP protocol stack that provides transparent serial data-to-Internet protocol conversion, eliminating the need for any hardware modifications. Simply install MultiConnect between a serial device and an analog, ISDN or wireless modem to send and receive data over the Internet. It can also serve a single web page in response to a web browser request.

Reduces Development Time.  Multi-Connect actually provides faster time-to-market because it relieves the burden and expense of writing and maintaining Internet applications. The complete, ready-to-integrate MultiConnect device server allows you to enhance your product while you focus on developing its core features.

Management and Configuration.  Multi-Connect has several means of management and configuration built into the design. It supports remote configuration, which means you can have central site setup and control of the remote device servers via a telnet session.

Industrial Chassis.  Multi-Connect is packaged in a rugged, industrial chassis with two RS-232 interface connectors. It can be desktop or panel mounted. Numerous LEDs provide visual monitoring of speed, link, activity, operational status and power. It is available with external or RS-232 power options.

Firmware Upgrades.  Multi-Connect also features flash memory so you can update firmware with the latest enhancements Multi-Tech has to offer.

Comprehensive Service and Support.  The Multi-Tech commitment to service means we provide a two-year product warranty and service that includes free telephone technical support, 24-hour web site and ftp support.

2- RS-232, DB9
Power Requirements
AMTS2SA-T: 250mA typical/305mA maximum @ 9V DC
AMTS2SA-T-R: 190mA typical/245mA maximum @ 5VDC, 100mA typical/120mA maximum @ 10VDC, 69mA typical/83mA maximum @ 15VDC, 54mA typical/65mA maximum @ 20VDC, 45mA typical/55mA maximum @ 25VDC
Physical Description
3.5" w x 2.1" h x 0.98" d; 3.4 oz. (8.8 cm x 5.3 cm x 6 cm; 96 g)
Operating Environment
Temperature Range: 32 - 120F (0-50C)
Humidity Range: 25-85% noncondensing
CE Mark
EMC: FCC Part 15 Class A, EN55022, EN55024
Safety: CUL, EN60950, UL60950
Product Description     Region
AMTS2SA-T    Serial-to-Serial Device Server + IP (DTE-to-DCE)
(External Power, US Cord)   
AMTS2SA-T-EU    Serial-to-Serial Device Server + IP (DTE-to-DCE)
(External Power, Euro Cord)   
AMTS2SA-T-GB    Serial-to-Serial Device Server + IP (DTE-to-DCE)
(External Power, UK Cord)   
AMTS2SA-T-R    Serial-to-Serial Device Server + IP (DTE-to-DCE)
(RS-232 Power)   


Serial-to-Serial Device Server + IP (DTE-to-DCE)
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