Racon 5000 and 8500 Wireless Microwave

The Racon Series of digital millimeter wave ("microwave") radios provides a simple, low cost, wireless video connection for remote surveillance and teleconferencing applications.

  • 23 GHz (Licensed Band)
  • Low Cost
  • Video Applications With Optional Audio and Data Subchannels
  • AC or DC Powered
  • -30 to 700C Operating Temperature
  • Range up to 15 Miles

These radios operate in the 21.2 to 23.6 GHz licensed band with a range of up to 15 miles.

All outdoor units are housed in weatherproof enclosures and will operate over a wide range of temperatures.

A range of antennas up to 72" is available. Other options include DC input power, RS422/232, audio and data sub-channels.


Radio Type
Range Applications
5000 Simplex Video RS422/232 Subchannels and/or Audio Subchannels Up to 15 Miles :: Remote Video Surveillance
:: Remote Traffic Monitoring
Duplex Video
Audio and/or Data Subchannels
Up to 15 Miles
:: Video Teleconferencing
:: Court Arraignment
:: Remote Surveillance



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