Global 3460 Security Modem

Global Premier 56 secure modem, V.90, 2 wire dial and leased line, Remote Configure and Password Security Global 3460 Series Modems.

  • Flash controller and Flash DSP RAM for future enhancements and upgrades
  • Operates as high speed fax, allowing communication with any ITU Group III compatible fax device, anywhere.
  • AT driven remote configuration allows option settings of a remote unattended modem to be changed over the phone line.
  • Password security denies access to unauthorized users.
  • ITU V.8 compliant automode ensures connection at the highest common rate.
  • With Automatic Rate Adaption (ARA) the modem dynamically adjusts its data rate backward or forward.
  • Multiple levels of security from password, to password with callback, to user programmed. Capacity is 20 passwords and 20 phone numbers.
  • ITU standard V.42bis/V.44 for asynchronous error correction and data compression.
  • AT command set compatible
  • 2-wire leased line operation
  • Storage for nine phone numbers
  • Autodial Autoanswer Call progress indication
  • AT Autosynchronus mode
  • Quick connect mode (reduces connect time)

Global Premier 56, secure modem

The Telenetics Global Premier 56 data/fax modem, based on Conexant’s award-winning V.92 & V.34 technology, provides outstanding performance. The Global Premier 56 is a desktop model that receives data up to 56kbs and transmits at 48kbs, the highest data rates available today.

The desktop Global Premier 56 offers both synchronous and asynchronous data support with throughput up to 230.4 kbps.

The Global Premier 56 incorporates advanced technology that enhances operation on less-than-ideal transmission lines and higher HTML compression using V.44.

Ideal for corporate and commercial applications, the Global Premier 56 easily handles tasks such as e-mail, remote LAN access, telecommuting, remote file transfer, access to the Internet, and any other applications that require fast, reliable transmission speeds.

Why the Global Premier 56 is ideal:

General Specifications
Environmental Operating temperature 0° to 50° C
Storage temperature -40° to 70° C
Relative humidity 0 to 95%, noncondensing
Size External:
6.4 inch width
1.5 inch height
5.3 inch depth
Power Requirements 115/240 VAC ±10%, 50/60 Hz
230 VAC ±10%, 50/60 Hz maximum 6 watts

Modem Specifications
Data Rates ITU-T V.92 56kbs receive/48kbs transmit, V.34
33600, 31200, 28800, 26400, 24000, 21600,
19200, 16800, 14400, 12000, 9600, 7200, 4800,
2400 bps; ITU V.32bis 14400, 12000, 9600, and
7200 bps trellis coded; ITU V.32 9600 and 4800
bps uncoded; ITU V.22bis 2400 and 1200 bps;
ITU V.21 300 bps (async only); Bell 212A 1200
bps; Bell 103 300 bps (async only)
Operation 2-wire full-duplex dial-up or leased line
Modulation Compatible with ITU V.34, V.33, V.32bis, V.32,
V.29, V.27, V.22bis, V.22, V.21 and Bell 212A
and 103
Error Correction MNP 2-5; ITU V.42/V.42bis, V.44
/Data Compression HTML compression
Carrier Frequency Compliant with the appropriate standard
Transmitter Output -9 dBm permissive for dial-up operation
Level 0 to -30 dBm in 1 dB increments for leased
line operation
(V.34: -6 to -30 dBm in 1 dB increments for leased line operation)
Carrier Detect Level Dynamic to -43 dBm
RTS/CTS Delay From 0 to 150 ms (±2 ms) in 10 ms increments
Line Equalization Automatic adaptive
Timing Internal, external or receive
Internal/External Selected bit rate ±0.01%
Transmit Clock
Test V.54 remote loopback control; V.52 511 pattern;
Analog loopback, Analog loopback with test
pattern, Local digital loopback, Remote digital
loopback, Remote digital loopback with test
pattern, Test pattern generation/checking
Digital Interface External EIA-232D, ITU V.24; DB25
female connector
Telco Connection RJ-11 modular jack, dial and leased lines


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