RF Wireless LAN Site Surveys 

Site Surveys for RF Wireless links for
Data and Ethernet LANs

Feasibility Assessment,  Equipment Procurement, Installation and Configuration Services, Radio Microwave Hardware Maintenance Contracts for Wireless Services.

Wireless Integration Services can do licensed and unlicensed radio equipment - Call us for Pre-sales and discount pricing on  Wireless LAN Site Surveys for Radio or Microwave Remote Last Mile Data Solutions

Wireless LAN Site Surveys:

There is nothing worse than spending a lot of money on a wireless network that works intermittently and has poor coverage after it is installed. This is why a site survey may be the most important step in the network implementation process.

1.  We can provide certified professionals qualified to perform site surveys for both licensed and unlicensed equipment.  Our engineers have extensive knowledge and experience in surveying a wide range of buildings and topologies and can provide innovative solutions to your specific needs.

2.  WE will conduct your UHF, or SST (902, 2.4 or 5.8) survey and will document and mark where the equipment is to be installed as well as the coverage area that can be expected with each radio.

3.  We analyze the radio frequency spectrum to determine if there are any potential interference sources in the area and document all findings. We will also specify which antenna system will be most beneficial for each access point. Having the correct antenna will maximize coverage areas and reduce the number of access points required.

4.  After the survey is complete, we will meet with your project managers to determine the next steps to be taken in the implementation. If installation is needed, we will discuss the tasks that must be completed and will assign them to a specific individual/company if necessary (example if an electrician is required). We will then complete the survey documentation. Within 15 days, you will receive a complete survey document describing, in detail, proper installation of the wireless network.

Our engineers can design a network infrastructure for your company to ensure maximum throughput and extensibility. Our designers are recognized industry design professionals schooled in LAN and WAN design and protocol interoperability.

 There are many problems inherent to wireless data networks of which most network designers are not aware. This is a very specific vertical skill that our designers possess because they have been successfully designing wireless data networks for years.

Whether your system utilizes TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NetBEUI, bridged, routed, switched or frame protocols; we will design a network to meet your SPECIFIC needs. We will survey your facility, discuss your company's strategic IS goals and provide professional guidance on information gathered. We provide customers with a Visio network diagram of how the network should be implemented and equipment that should be used. We also provide customers with a complete list of all parts that will be required and associated costs to help with management decisions. All networks are not the same. Once a poorly designed network has been installed, there is often only one recovery path.......a new network.

Wireless Services:

Feasibility Assessment Required

Basic Information needed:

RF Systems Engineer will perform the following:

Installation and Configuration



Emergency service coverage per PtP or PtMP link offered at both standard (8-hour response time) and a Premium (4-hour response time) packages. 

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