Star-Comm 202S-202T
VDC power Modems

The StarComm 202ST is a Frequency Shift Keyed (FSK) modem designed for asynchronous operation up to 1800bps. The model 202ST provides asynchronous, half-duplex communication on 2-wire private line circuits and full-duplex communication on 4-wire private line circuits. All models are available in either rack mount or stand alone version.

SCADA Data Communications Solutions for 
Utility and Industrial Automation applications

2 wire leased - 4 wire leased
Solar Power Compatible

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Bell 202T, 202S MODEMS

AC and DC Powered

202ST Modems - The following modems offer Bell 202S and 202T compatibility. Custom options are also available for dial operation and onboard protocol support.

202TE-037-4 Stand alone, for 2 or 4-wire leased circuits. Power: 9VAC or 9-14VDC
202TE-237-4 Stand alone, for 2 or 4-wire leased circuits. Power: 5.5-14VDC
202TE-337-4 Stand alone, for 2 or 4-wire leased circuits. Power: 18-75VDC
202TR-037-4 Rack mount, for 2 or 4-wire leased circuits.

For years, the Bell 202 modem has delivered reliable low speed multi-point communications. Today, this device still enjoys great popularity due its ability to communicate under adverse conditions. The Bell 202 remains the right choice for telemetry applications, control systems, transaction applications and for reliable data delivery over RF or cellular connections.

MODERN SEMICONDUCTOR TECHNOLOGY - The StarComm 202ST offers a modem implementation of this classic modulation standard. In this design, we have utilized the latest semiconductor technology to guarantee a level of performance and reliability that cannot be matched by older designs. Like all StarComm communications products, the 202ST is designed and manufactured to withstand the rigors of industrial use. Therefore, you can expect years of trouble free operation.

STAND ALONE OR RACK MOUNT - The 202ST is available in our standard stand alone or rack mount configurations. In addition, this device is available at the board level for OEM applications.

STANDARD OR CUSTOM FEATURES - The StarComm 202ST is offered in two standard versions:

However, the 202ST was designed to allow implementation of a wide variety of OEM applications. Like all StarComm designs, it is micro-controller based so that it may support custom interfaces and protocols. In addition, the line interface of the 202ST is capable of supporting either leased circuits, dial circuits or short haul twisted pair.

The StarComm 202ST offers power options to meet a wide range of AC and DC applications.

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