T1 Extender

Extend T1 across Cooper twisted pairs (telephone grade)

Extend T1 across Fiber optics Multi-mode or Single-mode -
dual fiber or single fiber

T1/E1 Copper Wire Extender over 3 miles
these T1 extenders extend over copper twisted pair or fiber optics
can extend your T1 lines form the teleco demark to a remote floor or building.

 Copper T1 Copper wire extender solves the distance and wire limitations of TDM technology by tripling the reach and halving the number of required wire pairs.

  • Triple the Distance--Extend T1s to over 3 miles and E1s to almost 5 km over one pair of wires.

  • Half the Wires--The T1/E1 extenders only require one pair of wires to operate.

  • Voice and Data Extension--The Copper-T1/E1 Extenders operate in clear channel mode allowing the transparent passing of both voice and data.

T1 Extender over Copper Wire
Patton 2115 T1 Extender

DCB Copper-T extender


T1 Fiber optic modem -
Extend T1 lines over multi-mode or Single-mode fiber

Now you can extend a line / smart-jack to your T1 equipment over simple multimode fiber. Simply set up one DCE Fiber T1 Extender at each end of your fiber run, and you are set to go.

These will extend a T1 line using multimode fiber up to 2Km (1.3mi) distance or up to 80Km on single mode (single fiber units are available).

T1 Extender over fiber optics

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Patton T1 Extender
Data Connect Copper-T
DTE - DCE interface problems
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