T1- Repeater-Extender over Copper

T1 Copper Repeater - Extender - Extend out to 5000 feet

T-1 Repeater for in house cable over 2 pair wire


  • T-1 4-wire repeater
  • Extends in-house T-1 lines
  • Up to 5000 feet between units (depending upon cable)
  • RJ-45 or screw down connectors
  • Simple connection to a 4-wire line
  • Inexpensive solution to long T-1 runs
  • 120/240 VAC, 12, 24, -48, or 125 VDC power options
  • 1-U rack mount bezel or 20 slot chasis


RJ-45 adapter or screw terminals may be used in either or both ports.

Unit supplied with two screw terminals and one RJ-45 adapter.

The T-Repeater is a 4-wire T1 repeater for use on customer owned lines. The T-Extender is used to extend in-house T-1 lines in campus and high-rise environments.

Note: This product is NOT intended for 10BaseT or Ethernet. T1 modulation is designed for use with twisted pair solid wire phone cables. The T-extender does NOT extend ethernet connections... only T1 connections.

Each pair of T-Extenders may be located up to 5000 feet apart. Solid copper 22 AWG two twisted pair is the preferred cable for connection between T-Extenders. Smaller wire sizes will reduce the functional distance between T-Extenders. Connection to the T-Extender is made through RJ-45 modular connectors or 4-wire screw down barrier strips. Both types of connectors are standard on the T-Extender.

The DCB T-Extender is powered by a small wall-mount transformer, and is used for connections between T-1 equipment such as PBXs, T-1 multiplexers, T-1 line drivers, T-1 local multiplexers or any other T-1 equipment requiring long customer owned cable runs. T-Extenders can be used to connect this equipment across a campus, between floors of a high-rise office building or between office buildings with underground cable connections.

T-Extenders can also be used to extend the distance between any T-1 equipment (DSU, channel bank, router, etc.).

The T-Extenders are best used in pairs. If you have a T1 CSU that is limited to 655 feet, connected to a device limited to 655 feet, and you put the T-Extender at one end, the T-Extender will drive the extra distance. However, the far end device will still be limited to 655 feet and will not likely have sufficient "drive" to reach the far end. The T1 transmitted signal is the issue addressed by the T-Extender, so in this case, the line would be error-prone or possibly only work in one direction.


T-1 repeater
Extends T-1 bi-polar signal
Up to 5000 feet between T-Extenders
Up to 5000 feet to equipment with ALBO (Automatic Line Buildout)
Up to 655 feet from ABAM signalling equipment with 4-wire cross connect cabling
Two twisted pair solid copper 22 or 24 AWG; standard telco T1 cable if UTP category rated cable is used, CAT 3 is recommended.
We do NOT recommend CAT 5 cable. Although it often works well, CAT 5 cable has been shown to cause problems with many T1 installations.

Other cable types will affect operational distance.

Front panel power LED
Two RJ-45 modular 8-conductor connectors (A & B)
Pin 1 = Receive +
Pin 2 = Receive -
Pin 4 = Transmit -
Pin 5 = Transmit +
Two 4-wire screw down barrier strips (A & B)
1 = Receive +
2 = Receive -
3 = Transmit -
4 = Transmit +
Connect T-Extender transmit pair to the receive pair of the next T-Extender or T-1 equipment. T-Extender is not polarity sensitive.

A cable cross-over is required between two Extenders if using straight RJ-45 cables. This cable connects the receive pair of one Extender to the transmit pair of the other Extender.

Connectors A and B are electrically identical. Either one may be used as the "demarc" side or the "CPE" side of the Extender.

Power requirements: 120 VAC, 3 watts wall mount transformer or
12, 24, -48, 125 VDC, or 240 VAC optional
Temperature: -40C to +70C Humidity: less than 95% non-condensing

        7" x 5 1/4" x 1 1/2"



Part #

Ships with one RJ-45 connector and two screw terminal connectors included.
T-Extender T-1 Line repeater for up to 5000 feet
9500095 Customer to demarc RJ45 cable
9500099 Customer to customer T1 RJ45 crossover cable
9502122 Additional RJ adapter
5003011 Additional screw terminal adapter
9902095 19" rack shelf for 1 to 3 T-extenders
L-1 20 slot 19" rack chasis


see other T1 equipment

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