T3 / DS3 Fiber Optic modems
Extends DS3 and T3

 T3 Fiber Optic modem for T3 extensions
Optically Extend T3 Up To 100km

This is the solution for the Telco Demark in the wrong place or even the wrong building.
When you need to tie building communications together at the T3 - DS3 level
the T3 DS3 Fiber Optic modems will let you extend out to 100KM.

DS3 T3 Fiber Optic modem

  • Optically Extends T3 DS3 Up To 100km Over SMF

  • Single Mode and Multimode Fiber

  • Available With Single Strand Single Mode Optics

  • Available with CWDM Optics

  • Hot Swappable and Field Installable

  • Continuous BERT

  • Transparent to Framing Formats

  • SNMP Management Support

  • End-to-End Management via SideBand Management Channel

  • Local and Remote Loop-backs

  • Power Outage Detection in the 1020/1030E Enclosures

  • Front Panel LEDs for Visual Status

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