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DAWN 2020
All Rates DSU/CSU


 The DAWN 2020 is a cost-effective, compact, high performance DSU/CSU for DDS or equivalent private line data service. The DAWN 2020 is ideally suited for both synchronous and asynchronous applications such as PC/terminal to host, LAN bridging, and single circuit access to high speed multiplex backbones. 

Fully Bell compatible and AT&T compliant, the DAWN 2020 provides the user with high speed access to the increasingly popular DDS digital network at all standard speeds from 2.4 to 64 Kbps, including the new 64 Kbps Clear Channel requirements. 

Local, line, and remote loopbacks are standard and can be activated from the front panel or on demand from the telephone network test centel 

Built with a high degree of state-of-the,art VLSI technology, the DAWN 2020 achieves a level of small size, low power, and reliability previously unavailable in its price range. The DAWN 2020 is provided in an attractive desktop package, usable in any office environment. 

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