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- Voice and Data Digitizers and Adapters

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DAWN 2200









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  • Multiplexes 4 user ports into 1 digital link 
  • Built-in 56Kbps DSU/CSU(optional) 
  • 2 - RS-232 and 2 - RJ11 interfaces 
  • PBX line and loop-start trunk compatible 
  • Supports DTMF and pulse dial signaling 
  • 16Kbps ADPCM voice compression 
  • Full non-blocking TDM, both voice and data 
  • Use of VLSI technology for high reliability. 


  • Saves cost of expensive multiple links 
  • Saves equipment clutter and costs 
  • Simplifes installation 
  • Saves cost of multiple trunk lines 
  • Maximizes flexibility of usage 
  • Maximizes link utility, with high quality voice circuits - supports analog data (Modems, Fax) 
  • Maximizes channel availability, no performance degradtaion due to traffic conditions 
  • Saves service calls, minimizes spares, reduces power requirements 

Line Interface (CSU Versions)

  1. Connector: RJ48S 
  2. Impedance: 135 Ohm +/- 10% 
  3. Transmit Level: 1.4V peak 
  4. Data rate: 56Kbps 
  5. Timing: Master or slave 
  6. Range: DDS Extended (45 db) 
  7. Alternative Interface: v.35(2200XV) 

General Options:

    Voice Compression: 16Kbs ADPCM 

    Signalling: DTMF and loop dial, or E & M; Supports 2 wire PBX/Telco (FXO) and Telset (FX) interfaces (2200LX) , or two-wire/four wire E & M (2200E) 

2200LC      2W Loop        CSU

2200EX      2W/4W E&M      CSU

2200LV      2W Loop        V.35

2200EV      2W/4W E&M      V.35

    Warranty: Two Years 

Local Interfaces

    Data ports: 2 - RS232, sync or async 

    Data speeds 2 - 2.4, 4.8 or 9.6Kbps or 1 - 19.2Kpbps sync or async) 

    Voice ports: 2 - RJ11(loop) or 2 - RJ48(E&M) 

    Voice Input; Analog, 

      2W: transmit level 0dbm receive level -6dbm 
      4W: transmit 0 or -16dbm receive -3 or +7dbm 

    Voice Impedance: 600 Ohms 

    Longitudinal Balance: 40dB minimum 


    Power 90 to 140 VAC, 60 Hz 

    Environment: 0-50 degrees C, up to 95% RH non condensing 

    Size: Approximately 3.5 X 10.8 X 11 (H X W X D) 

    Weight: 4.5 lbs 


Meets Applicable Requirements of FCC Part 68 and Part 15, Subpart J. Specifications subject to chance without notice.