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DAWN 5000
Digital Hub 


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    The DAWN 5000 can be used in applications where there are a number of smaller remote sites that need voice and data communications with a main site. Retail organizations, banking institutions, school districts, transportation companies, and others can now support smaller multiple remote sites with two voice and two data channels. The DAWN 5000 not only provides cost effective communications between the main and remote sites, but also from remote site to remote site. Utilizing the DAC's provisioned network, individual DSOs (56 Kbps channels) are dropped to each of the remote sites, the main site facilities are bundled into a single T1.



  • Remote DAWN 2200 Voice/Data Muxes

  • Fax or dial up modems

  • Leased line modems

  • Digital data services from subrate to 56 Kbps

  • Fractional T1 services (256, 384, 512... Kbps)

  • Drop and insert


Design Architecture

    The DAWN 5000 is a highly dense, compact system (7" height) built on a midplane design principle. Each type of card set includes a front logic card for circuit functionality and rear interface card for the mechanical and electrical interface functions. This midplane design allows for a significant reduction of sparing by mating common front cards with multiple rear interface connections. An expansion chassis is avialable.
    The DAWN 5000 uses modular plug-in power supplies, common logic and channel cards reducing system or circuit downtime. Front panel alarm and status indicators in conjunction with diagnostic loopbacks allow for fast and accurate troubleshooting and fault isolation.


Typical Hub Application

    The utility of a DAWN 5000/2200 network is best illustrated by a common retail application. A regional retail chain has 20 stores throughout the midwest and a headquarters equipped with a PBX and computer system. Previously, justifying a fully integrated voice and data network on a regional basis had been difficult because the high entry costs of the necessary equipment resulted in lengthy paybacks. This is addressed by TELEMAX with a cost effective solution that can provide paybacks within a year and significant annual savings thereafter. The DAWN 5000 Digital Hub at the headquarter site, multiple DAWN 2200 Voice/Data Muxes, and a single DACs provisioned T1 will provide dedicated connectivity to the 20 remote retail sites, via inexpensive 56 Kbps DDS lines. Each retail location will be provided two compressed voice channels and two 9.6 Kbps data channels. The voice channels are extensions of the headquarter PBX with the ability to talk to colleagues at other stores as well as headquarters. Data operates uninterupted by voice traffic and can be optioned to two channels at 9.6, 4.8, 2.4 Kbps or one channel at 19.2 Kbps.


Voice/Data Plug-In Cards

  • Four port voice cards supporting:
  • Long-distance and central office access
  • TIE lines, OPX connections, private line automatic ringdowns
  • 4 wire interfaces for leased line modems with tone loopback from carriers
  • 2 wire interfaces for dial modems and faxes


    Data Plug-In Cards

  • Dual port data cards supporting:
  • 56/64 Kbps leased digital
  • Network loopback codes on a DSO basis
  • 4 wire OCU-DP interface (56 or 72 Kbps line rates)
  • Standard interfaces (V.35, RS232, RS422)
  • Network subrate (SRDM) services
  • Single port fractional T1 card supporting:
  • 56/64 x N data rates (128, 256, 384, etc..)
  • Standard interfaces (V.35, RS530/422)