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DAWN 5000
Digital Hub

 The TELEMAX DAWN 5000 Digital Hub is a high performance T1 based system that not only provides cost effective access to T1 services, but also provides networking to remote TELEMAX subrate data/voice multiplexers. The DAWN 5000 is designed for voice and data connectivity to public/private networks and provides a flexible and feature rich product with proven performance.

 As a complete standards based T1 multiplexing system and fully Digital Crossconnecting (DACs) compatible at the DS1, DSO, and sub DSO level, the DAWN 5000 Digital Hub provides the interfacing flexibility to interconnect to virtually all of today's network provided services. Via the DACs provisioned network the DAWN 5000 supports up to 24 smaller remote sites, communicating to the DAWN 2200 series of subrate digital voice and data multiplexers.

 The DAWN 5000's compact design, multiple configuration options and long list of standard features make it an attractive choice for point-to-point, single and dual ended T1 access, intelligent channel bank and hubbing applications. The DAWN 5000 can provide economical access to services such as AT&T's Megacom, and ASDS, Sprint's Clarity, MCI's Prism, and Digital Gateway.

Telemax products are manufactured in the U.S.A.