Telenetics Cell Modem

The Omega-1 is a fully integrated package consisting of a 3-watt cellular transceiver, telephone line interface,  90 to 264VAC power supply board.  The enclosure is made from impact-resistant polycarbonate and provides NEMA 4X watertight protection.  

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The Omega-1 unit is designed to connect a remote end point device equipped with an internal modem to a head end computer when a conventional land line is not available.  The interface of the modem within the end point device must meet PSTN and FCC-68 requirements and be compatible with all standard TELCO handshake signaling.

Modem Interface

A standard RJ-11 modular jack connector provides the modem interface on the Omega-1.  The connection is a standard 2-wire dial line interface that has the following specifications:

Output ring frequency:      18 +/- 2 Hz  
Ring voltage: 70 volts peak to peak  
Maximum ringer's equivalent:  2.0 B
Dial tone frequency: 450 Hz +/- 50 Hz
Dial tone level: 1.0 volts +/- 20%  
ON/Off-hook current detection:  >4 ma
DTMF Dial tone detection: Yes
Pulse dialing support:   Not supported

                                Shown with Optional Battery

Cellular Transceiver Interface

The cellular transceiver meets the AMPS standard and conforms to the specifications below:

Model number:  Wireless Link CVDM-3 with data and voice interface module
Operating Frequency: 824 to 893.9 MHz
Number of Channels: 832
Operating voltage: 10.9 to 14.5 volts
DC current requirements: 1.5 amp @ max. transmit power, 100 ma @ stand-by
RF output power:   3.0 watts maximum
 Input/output impedance:   50 ohms
Antenna type: 50 ohm,  Omni-directional VSWR is 1:2.0 or better over operating frequency

Battery Operation
maintenance-free, rechargeable power back-up battery is optional

The Omega-1 can be equipped with a maintenance-free rechargeable battery for continuous operation without interruption in the event that power to the Omega is disabled.

              Battery type:                         Rechargeable, Lead-Acid, maintenance free

              Nominal output voltage:        12.0 to 12.8 volts

              Charge voltage:                    12.0 to 13.2 volts

              Current capacity:                  1.5 amp-hour minimum at 25C

              Expected operation life:        5 years

              Operating temperature:         -40 to +70 C

Switches and LED Indications

Toggle switches and LED indicators are provided for installation, configuration and trouble-shooting:

 Switch controls:           AC power ON-OFF
Battery ON-OFF

LED Indications:          LED 1:          AC Power/Battery Condition
                                       LED 2:          Cellular Connection Status 

Power Supply

The switching power supply is designed to operate from a wide range of AC input voltages and is isolated against voltage transients: 

        AC Power Input:                              90 to 264 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz

        DC Power Input:                              100 to 150 VDC

        Output DC voltage:                          13.2 volt DC +/- 5%, full load

        Maximum output current:                 2.0 amperes

        Power Consumption:                       Idle: 1.3 Watts

        Transmit @ 3 Watts:                       16.5 Watts

        Primary to secondary insulation:     8,000 volts peak at 60 Hz

        Battery charge voltage:                   12.8 volts DC @ 400 mA

        Input AC fuse rating:                        2 amps Slow Blow, 250V

        Surge protection:                            1,500 Watt-seconds

Mechanical Specifications  

The Omega-1 is designed for indoor and outdoor installation.  The enclosure is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate and provides NEMA 4X watertight protection.  Mounting feet are provided for surface mounting.


 AC Power Connector:              Fuse Holder Screw Terminal Block 22 10 AWG

Device Connector:                      RJ-11 Modular Jack, 2-Wire Tip/Ring

Battery Power:                           2-Position Terminal Block (Factory Connected)

Antenna:                                    SMA Connector (Factory Connected)

Environmental Specifications 


Operating Temperature:            -30 to + 70o C

Storage Temperature:               -40 to +85o C

Operating Humidity:                   5 to 90 % non-condensing

Agency Compliance

EMI/RFI                                        FCC-15 Class A computing devices

UL:                                              UL 1950

Surge Protection:                      IEC 801-4

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