UDS 2860 Modem
replaces  Bell 208 modem and 201 modems

VDC - VAC powered modems
in stock new and refurbished

62085153 UDS/Motorola modem S/A AC power
62085152 UDS/Motorola RM16M modem card
6208516500010 UDS/Motorola modem S/A DC power

Reliable, high quality 4,800/2,400 bps transmission compatible modem with Bell 201B/C, 201BC/AS (DPSK 4 phase), 208A/B and 208 AB/AS (DPSK 8 phase) modems. Versatile transmission compatible with both Bell 201 BC/AS and 208 A/B in one modem with DC - AC Voltage and Multi-Point / Multi-Drop, Dial, 2 or 4 wire lease line.

We also stock used 208A/B modems
  • 208A/B modem 62085064 S/A AC power
  • RM16M 208A/B modem card 62085083
  • 208A/BDC modem 62085064 DC power

and the 201BC/AS modem

  • 201BC/AS modem 62015186 S/A AC power
  • RM16M 201BC/AS modem card 620151194
  • 201BC/ASDC modem 62015266 DC power

UDS 2860 Modem

Stand Alone and Rack Mount modems
2 or 4 wire Lease Line modem or Dial
Multi-Point / Multi-Drop modem
Synchronous or Asynchronous modem


  • Auto-answer for unattended operation -
    also includes manual- answer, manual-call.
  • Auto-dialing utilizing bisync, SDLC, or parallel 801 protocols.
  • Convenient, user-friendly 32-character LCD allows 3-button, front-panel programming and dialing with up to 36 characters.
  • Self-testing and condition reporting to ensure smooth, uninterrupted operation.
  • EIA-232 and CCITT V.24 compatible.
  • Superior performance over unconditioned lines via advanced adaptive equalization.
  • This modem can replace both the Bell 208A, B, or A/B modem
    and the 201B, C, and BC/AS modems


see 2860 modem manual

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